Bedside Storage & a Giveaway Vote!

Help!! My formatting is goooooofy! Sorry people!

I read. A. Lot! , I have a cold, my kids have colds, I need a snack, I want a drink of water... the list goes on... bedsides collect STUFF.

Here's a few ways to tame the bedside clutter.

Buy a very expensive piece of furniture to put your books and Kleenex in... I DREAM of doing this... but.... I'm paying off debt...

Fairly Cheap Bedside Organizer... @ Kaboodle.com

Same deal... do it your self pattern.

Bedside table top organizer

Pretty Organizer!

Get Ready for another giveaway announcement on Monday!!!
I'm taking votes for:
Santa Letters for all the kids in one lucky family

Tell your friends, spread the word, I'll count votes Sunday evening and the Giveaway will start Monday!


Katie said...

I vote for a pretty organizer and I can even tell you exactly which one! (I love the santa letter idea, but my twins are too young to understand and appreciate them)

allisha said...

Hmmm...tough one! I'd go with the Santa letters! It just might be a memory someone will cherish forever!

Have a good day!

Liz said...

That organizer is pretty cool! I just inherited a bedside table with drawers and am beside myself with joy... I'm 28 and have never had drawers to put books in before. :)

JANE said...

Pretty organizer cause I need one!!
Do you ever take special orders for your organizers?

Pretty Organizer said...

Jane- YES I take special orders! I have one I'm doing this weekend. You can go to my etsy store (link on the blog) and look under alchemy ??? You can ask for a custom order and I'll submit a bid... easy peasy!

~*Lisa*~ said...

I vote for the beautiful organizer! I understand everyone being sick my oldest daughter has Strep Throat and Fifths (Virus) my middle has the cold you speak of and youngest ear infection is both ears. So I totally understand where you are at right now! Praying for you. Blessings

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