!!!Pretty Organizer GIVEAWAY!!!- Santa Letter SALE!!!

Leave a comment to enter giveaway... Winner announced on Thursday!

WARNING-- LONG POST!  Get ready for a sale and something FREE!!

I love giving things away but I have to admit... shhh... don't tell anyone... it's a marketing campaign!  I know, you all thought I'm the giveaway girl... well, id like to be but really I need your help.

I need help spreading the word about my Santa Letters.  I am only offering them for another 26 days and I need the word about these meaningful letters to spread like wildfire!!  Remember, all the proceeds go to pay down the adoption tab of our two girls soo...  good cause!


As a promotion I am offering the Santa Letters for only $5 each until Next Monday morning.

AND I am offering anyone willing to post my button on their blog from today until Dec. 12th,  50 cents for every letter bought that you referred!  You need to email me your name, blogname and address so I can keep track of how many referrals you gave and I will pay you after the 13th via my PayPal account.  Emails should be sent toNorthPoleSecretary@gmail.com  Remind everyone to use your name OR blog name in the referal box on the form.

Copy this code into your html gadget and the button and link will be ready to go!

Now, go out bloggossip this to all you family, friends and co-workers.  Prices will go up next Monday!  Tell everyone to check out all 8 letters and remind them that each has a message from Santa about the true meaning of Christmas: The baby Jesus, loving and serving others!  All letters have a money back guarantee for delivery!!!

You voted and a Pretty Organizer won for today's giveaway.  

Here's the deal... a custom box will be given away to a lucky winner who leaves a comment!  AND you can pick the colors.  The hatbox will be a 8x10x4.5 inch rectangular box and I hope to get it in the mail by the beginning of next week.

Of course... now that we're 38! yes 38! days away from Christmas it's time to get hopping with shopping!  So, visit my etsy store and buy something grand for a loved one.   The shop will be closed next weekend-- I have 2 boutiques! What was I thinking!!! Crazy week:)


Katie said...

I'm so excited that the pretty organizer won! They are soo cute! Hope I get chosen!

allisha said...

Hello! I just added your button to my blog! I hope this helps!
Good Luck! Oh and I would love a box, maybe just for me this time!


Amy B said...

I want it..mememememe..
Oops..did I really type that..How rude. Let me start over. LOL
I am really excited about your give away and I love your boxes. They are so pretty.
Now that you have the code I am going to go add your to my bog..
And watch your order box..I have three orders for letter coming your way...
Have a blessed day.

Adrienne S said...

I love pretty organizers!

~*Lisa*~ said...

I will re-post your button on my blog, however I don't want anything in return! I have walked with my sister through the whole financing an adoption and its not easy. So I pray that someone reads mine and decides to help out! So glad the pretty organizer won. Its beautiful! Blessings

Julie said...

The organizer is super cute, and I did get your email, and I will sign up for a letter... sorry my hubby is in America right now and it has been crazy with the kids, I need time to go pick out a letter...and soon for the better deal... I will also advertise for you on my site!

Anna Sophia said...

Ohh Ohh, I hope I win!!! Pick me!! :-) I just love your boxes and would love to win one! Thanks so much for this chance! God Bless :)

JANE said...

THIRTY-EIGHT DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that all!!!!!!!!!
Girl you know I want you to pick me and I'm puting your button up now and will feature the letters tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I will add your button to my blog later tonight, and I'll email you the info then.

And I'd LOVE to win your box! THey are so pretty!

JMoe said...

The pretty organizer is so cool! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Have a wonderful day :)

rainydaygirl said...

Thanks for the great giveaway - i love your boxes.

Ali said...

Hey SC, just found your blog thru Nester - I put a link for your letters on my blog and am sending an e-mail to all my friends & fam. If you do get any orders thru me, just apply that 50 cents to your adoption debt, but I'm totally in for a Pretty Organized giveaway! ;)

Ali T.

SHURTER'S :) said...

I am adding your button to my blog for the advertizing for you... but I don't want the referal. You are so awesome to adopt! My husband and I have talked about it. It makes me think of a scripture in the bible that talks about taking care of the orphans and widows. Good for you guys, and I'd love to help out with this! You are truely wonderful! :)
Thanks for checking out my blog too! :)

Shannon Jacobyansky said...

Can we exchange blogs? I'll follow yours...you follow mine? I love your organizers...very beautiful!

JANE said...

Oh Pretty,
Go check out a little shout out on my blog!

dctm said...

Love the organizer. Thank you for the chance to win.

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