Enticing Entry Storage. Just in time for Guests.

For YEARS I have wanted a beautifully organized entry... but with 6 kids my efforts to organize look nothing short of a locker room... I need an entire room to stow gear for 8 people.  Still... a girl can dream right?

Pretty Organizers Pretty Budget Knock-Off

How about these tall dark and handsomely put together pieces?  Ballard Design has them for  a majillion dollars... no way in my budget.  BUT- if you had a great wide bookcase... thrift store shopping... that you could tip on it's side and paint, and jack it up on a few cheap home depot paintable cabinets then finish the back with craft paper, paint, bead board etc, attach hooks and add baskets... a great look alike. (Major run on sentence) 

This is the more petite version... Home Depot has pre-drilled closet organizing panels that would work to duplicate this lady.  Add a top and bottom and some hardware you may not even choose a cabinet.. bins?  ... not hard to build a frame and NOT the penny Ballard wants... (though if you got the money she's a beauty)

I actually HAVE this one.  Can't live without one in a two story house.  My kids empty it every night (well, almost every night).  I'm too lazy to go upstairs to put things away.

Happy Organizing!

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Kira said...

I was really spoiled living in a rambler before. I need to do something about those stairs, good idea. As for the mud room, I am just trying to get hooks hanged and it has taken a majillion years ;)

Amara said...

We've got a little thing in our garage entry, but like you, I need more. I could use like double the space. Maybe I should make a run to home depot and see what I can't afford.

Sharon said...

These are great ideas! I need something like this for each of our kids.

Anonymous said...

I love those storage units. I would love to have one, but I really don't even have a space that would work to put it in. :( I want to make our entry closet which is RIGHT by the front door into something similar though, just a single unit of course.

Mama Dog said...

So fun to find your site! Love your ideas and your connectedness to reality!! So many "organizers" apparently live on a different planet than I do! Thanks for the great pics and the encouragement!

Micaela said...

You have great ideas...Would love to create that in my junk space!

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