Okay, with Thanksgiving 2 days away I'm finally ready to THINK about Christmas decorating.   My favorite style of decorating is one that peacefully blends with the decor already present.  If you have plates on a wall (courtesy of Pointclick.com), wrap them with a bow, if you decorate with neutral colors... add a little red or green or gold... 
Am I a plate nut?  Love these colors, love the touch of Christmas though... this IS pretty opulent.
Clear jars... don't have ANY.. Gotta get me some of those pretties!  I'm afraid of my kids using them to catch bugs in. This pics from jodyguler.wordpress.com... this setup was for a wedding.
Yep, I'm a fan of red, black and white... this rooms been kissed by Christmas.  LOVE IT! Homegoods.com
Terri's Village.com   How about a winter mistreatment... the fame of Nester!  Snowmen, snow flakes, wreaths, monograms, bows, you name it... just safety pin, glue or duct tape them over what you already have.
These are real.  Use foliage to decorate... bring some of the outside natural decorations in!

Do we need to discuss this?  

Have a great Thanksgiving! Love to all my readers and my you all be richly blessed!
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Carol said...

Thanksgiving blessings to you & yours!

JANE said...

Girl I wish you could see my house! Looks like Santa came in and threw-up!! I always go with "The More The Merrier" approach to Christmas!!
Happy Thnaksgiving Pretty!!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

That black white and red room is beautiful! That's my kind of decorating- like it's been kissed by Christmas, not like Christmas threw up in the room!
Happy Thanksgiving :-)

Michelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving! ~Michelle

Sara said...

LOVE The white plates and red ribbon. Poor John, he's going to come home to red ribbon on random things. Oh well! 9 years, and he still comes home to my insanity. He must like it, red ribbon and all ;)

allisha said...

Yes I am a plate nut, along with a chair nut and a table nut. Can't ever have enough plates...or chairs...or tables! I am looking forward to decorating Friday! This year I am going for the understated, simple decor. Nothing too in your face! We'll see if it actually happens! I keep finding more stuff that I wanna add!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Valerie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I really enjoy my visits everytime I visit you.

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