Silk Stockings...

These are all from Frontgate.com  who boasts, "Outfitting America's Finest Homes"   I'll let you believe I have one of Americas Finest Homes... but then again, you saw my laundry room post yesterday... I'm keep'n it real.

I have to hang 6!  My mantel almost falls every year...

2 year old loves batting at hung stockings.

Thinking of sending these to In-laws in Africa... except ooh they're like $200 EACH!!!!  I'm sure they used real zebra fur.

You can have some as fabulous as these if you have some serious moola.... OR a crafty eye!

CHEAP at only $55-- I know you can do better!!
How about this cutie at 100+?  They must not use hot glue to apply all that extra cute stuff!
Elegant at $299!!!!  Yep, fine silk, lined with more fine silk, dripping with silky fringe... poor worms!!  So for 6 kids... $1,800!!!.. no Christmas until they're 18!
Tree Skirt anyone?.... This put the silk farm out of business... $800!  Ouch... us moms can do MUCH better...There's no shame in calling all your neighbors for their 40% off coupons! Now get to that fabric store, haul out your glue guns and get to work!  


Wendy said...

Loved this post! :-) That stuff would make even Martha feel like a slacker! LOL

I'm so glad I already have my "castle", filled with simple things and dear ones.

~*Lisa*~ said...

OK I don't know ANYONE that can afford those, well maybe Hollywood's elite! I think I will stick with my 9.99 K-mart specials for Hubby and I. My sister in law made the kids. So yeah I think I will pass on the beautiful ones. I can think of way more important things *wink* to do with that money! ha ha ;) Great post! They are beautiful but not on this budget! Blessings!

Bobbi Jo said...

I loved the post. Thank you! It amazes me that people spend that kind of money on items such as those sure they are beautiful but silly when you think of all the good you could do with that money.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

JANE said...

You'll love this. We've always hung up stockings not only for the kids and us but also for our pets. I even used to hang up the ones for the pets no longer with us until big daddy convinced me we were running out of room, LOL!!!

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