I am a Child of God

Just a link today.... If you love music, If you love the Savior, If you love Art, You'll love this video!

I am a Child of God Video

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A little about me:

A Child of God who is trying to raise 6 other Children of God the way He would have me do. I stumble, He forgives me... and they forgive me. I loose patience, all forgive me again. As a mother, I have grown closer to my Savior and Heavenly Father because I can see in my children what They must see in me... Isn't it great to be a daughter of a Heavenly King?

This is the song I sing to my children each night before bed. It's the lesson I want my children to remember forever... that they're children of the Almighty, that He had a plan in sending them to our family, and that we'll all return together as we look to Him and follow.

Have a blessed day... my sisters:)
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Marci said...

I am so happy to hear of more children growing up to know God!

Lisa said...

I love this video! Thanks for being a great example!

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