Christmas Tradition

My friend Melissa at The Inspired Room is doing a Friday Linky day.  

For some children it's difficult to separate "holiday" hustle and bustle and the true meaning of Christmas.  

Here's our tradition:  We reenact the Nativity story with our family members while my husband narrates from Luke 2.  Everyone grabs costumes (bathrobes, towels, trinket boxes etc.)  and we sometimes invite another family over to share in the joy.  Every year it's a little different but we are reminded of the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Another tradition in my husbands family that I LOVE is writing Christmas letters to each other and putting it in the stockings. He comes from a family of 7 kids. On Christmas Eve after the big dinner, the kids would exchange the letters they wrote for each sibling.  One by one they take turns reading aloud the kind words and well wishes of their brothers and sisters... often very emotional.  My mother-in-law then gathered the letters and saved them in a Christmas book... no doubt a family treasure.

Winner of the Pretty Organized Giveaway goes to.... Drumroll......... JMOE / and Natalie's Sentiments blog (Natalie, I'll explain later via email..). Shoot me an email and we'll talk details.

You only have through Monday to order letters from Santa with a Christian message at the $5 sale price.  Prices go up after Monday so hurry!!! www.NorthPoleSecretary.Com

There are only 19 days left that we'll be accepting orders!! (they all will be mailed to North Pole, Alaska for a cancellation stamp- so we stop orders early to ensure your letter comes before Christmas!)

Please feel free to spread the word on these.  All of the proceeds are going toward paying down our adoption tab on our 2 amazing girls.  Check out www.NorthPoleSecretary.com and read through the sample letters.  Each has a paragraph from Santa on the true meaning of Christmas and encouragement to serve or share as Jesus did!  A great way teach about gifts and why we celebrate Christmas... and a fun new tradition too!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

The kids look so cute in the nativity. What a fun idea.

I also love the idea of writing Christmas letters to each other! Thanks for sharing this with us. :-)

JANE said...

Okay, you know I'm crying!!

~*Lisa*~ said...

You have the most precious traditions! The children all dressed in there costumes reenacting the nativity scene is the cutest ever. I absolutely love the writing Christmas letters to each other and I am going to try this one this year! Your amazing! Blessings!

Holly said...

Those are lovely traditions.

Elizabeth said...

These are wonderful traditions! Your children will always remember they year they had a certain role!

Charlotte said...

The nativity story is a winner! What a wonderful family picture. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What an amazing tradition, love your photo too, that is just precious!

I also love the idea of the Christmas letters. I love finding ways to keep siblings loving and honoring each other so this would be a great way to instill that value!


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