Relaxing Space

While browsing hgtv.com I came across beautiful space I had to share with my readers.

Now, the closest thing I have to a Master Bedroom retreat is my bathroom. I'm always trying to think of ways to make my room more of a retreat... keep in mind that I'm Pretty Organized.. not really super organized, or even close to perfect. I love how this little retreat is close and comfy... a place where you can relax.

My daughters would LOVE relaxing in here! AND... notice the pretty organizing.. Ooo and that looks like a great mistreatment (of Nester's fame) waiting to be copied!

Love this storage... might need a hatbox somewhere in there. Hot pink box coming soon to an etsy store near you!

This desk is a great storage option. It screams thrift store find made classy. Give us moms a brush and some paint and a little painters tape.... and look how much you can hide in them drawers!

Tomorrow I'll announce the "soft opening" of my holiday business. As an incentive for reading all the way through to the end, I'll be having a giveaway for 5 families. This business will only be up and running from Tomorrow until Dec 13th! So getting orders in quick assures you a spot! Check back on Thursday. I'll be doing a grand opening as soon as our website is up and running! Many thanks to my friends the Nester, Kimba, and Melissa for their help in my success.


Jody said...

LOVE that first bedroom! Especially the wainscoting and bed......I guess I can dream and wish! :o)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Lovely rooms...and congrats on your new business! So excited for you!



Anonymous said...

Oh, I absolutely adore the little girls room! I've been pondering on what to do in my little girl's room since we moved about 3 months ago. Right now it is VERY bare! I love the 'mistreatment' over the bed (mental note to make one of those), the 'built in' on the far wall (mental note to add to honeydo list for DH), and the half table at the end of the bed with the fabric stools...LOVE IT (mental note to keep an eye out for yard sale/thrift store table!)
THank you for this post! I'm inspired to start working on my daughter's room!

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