A Bathroom with a HERStory

This is my family history bathroom. Now mind you, if this was HIS-story he'd be telling you in perfect grammatically structured sentences and would never think of interrupting a train of thought to tangent on something like the dust on those picture frames.... but this is HER-Story, ahem... MY story and so, you get it all.

Writing a post about my family history bathroom seemed like a great idea. Last night I thought I'd snap a few pictures and write all about how to showcase your family. Clearly, these Wall of Famer's framed in black just stared at my goofy self as I tried to smash myself against every wall in the bathroom just to get a decent shot. I think I need a lens that's a good 8 inches wide.

Just look at Grandma staring me down... So beautiful on her wedding day in her satin dress that her mother made with a zillion satin covered buttons down her back (all hand sewn). She monitors all the activity in this bathroom and she's seen her fare share of crazy things but I may have taken the cake last night.

Grandpa's standing at attention as well. He's wondering how my elbow got into his frame.
These shots just stand as testament that I can't hold my freshly squeezed mango juice mixed with pink lemonade very well... apparently the high fructose content and red dye no. 5 go to my head and cause bodily tremors and bad judgment in picture taking.

Do you remember Disney's Goofy cartoon about taking pictures... yep, that's me.

Obviously I can't hold still to save my blog... hate me... if you squint these pictures are "ridiculously good looking."

Yes, right now you see a fabulously red wall with a shine spot that will induce blindness... but you're missing grandpa!

(My rear is plastered to the back wall... oh how I wish I had skills... like camera skills....
There's Grandpa... He's standing next to his wind powered washing machine that he invented while stationed in the South Pacific for WWII. Hence began the long line of engineers in the family... oh, and hence began the collection of useful things like extra screws, wires, electronic cords and scraps of metal and wood that have afflicted the men in our family for generations!

Yes, a family history bathroom is a great idea. There is so much to consider while you're tied up with important business. Not pictured well, is my husband's mother in her wedding dress, my Great Grandmother and her sisters as little children before their family was split (she escaped) and sent to Auschwitz where her parents and one sister were put to death, and several wedding photos of Great Great Grandparents.

This is the legacy of my family and I parade it for all to see. Someday I hope to include a mirror and a step stool for my children to see themselves in this great historical bathroom. Truthfully, someday I hope I can take pictures that will do it justice.

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Astrid said...

Love those photos and the red walls! It's funny....I have those deep red walls and photos of my family (but mine are current photos- I don't seem to own any of my grandparents as youngster, etc) but that's all in my library.

Our school won't get out until June 8th!

Beverly said...

Beautiful room--love the red--I think my whole house would be red if my husband would let me.

Just out of curiosity...was this room last used by a male? There's no tp on the roll and we know males are totally inept at changing it out!

Rue said...

You're very funny LOL Loved the pictures and I like the idea of having a bathroom with something to look at of interest.


Marie said...

Hello! Thank you for joining the party. I love your sense of humor. I had a visual of you taking those photos in the bathroom, trying to move around. You do have skills, and your pics do look ridiculously good looking. What a great idea to frame the old photos in your bathroom. I love the red paint.


Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

That's fantastic! I would give anything to have so many neat photos of my family. And that red is great!
Cheers, Andrea

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