A New Approach to Thrifting....

In this age of "Use it up, Wear it out, Made it do, or Do without," garage and yard sales are becoming all the rage and truthfully, I love dressing up something old.

So what if you didn't have to go out and find a paper? What if you could sit in your pink bunny slippers and sip your morning drink and eat your toast in front of the computer to find deals in your area? What if you wanted to advertise your yard sale for LESS than the newspaper?

Well, I found the solution! Franz over at Garage Sales Tracker contacted me awhile ago when I decided to sell ad space on Pretty Organized Palace. When I heard about this site I LOVED the ease and opportunity it gave my readers. We are all thrifty moms right? (Well, if you're not a thrifty mom you must love me for some other reason... maybe my toile fetish?) We need a way to advertise our junk and let someone else turn it into their treasures.

Sigh... this is my treasure... I want her bad... she needs some love.

So, Pretty Please... ya'll be good curious people and go poke around the
Garage Sale Tracker site for a little gander at what it's all about. Go ahead.... I'll wait. No, really, I'll be right here. I've got NOTHING to do today... zero on the schedule.... zip. -well, darnit okay I've got laundry but that doesn't count unless someone is willing to proclaim at least 1 naked day so I get a day off without the worry of something being in the hamper! Back yet? Good.

Now... this weekend is coming up. And I know you can scrape together a few things for a sale to list. Maybe that champion stuffed Elk head your husband shot in college?

How about your first kitchen wares? After 14 years of marriage I think someone needs to throw me another shower because all my wedding stuff is falling apart. How longs this stuff supposed to last? Surely you've got something. Now go head on over to
Garage Sale Tracker and list your sale!

There is a promotion going on until the end of May - ALL LISTINGS ARE FREE!!! Whoo hoo! Let the thrifting begin! Not only can you get better exposure than a paper, you can also get mapped out directions to the sales, coupons, and more!

***If you are interested in ad space on Pretty Organized Palace check out my Advertise HERE button on the right side bar. I've got GREAT rates for home businesses and corporate as well. Email me if you have any questions!***

I've got a little thrifting garage sale find that I'll share with you after I haul it's $15 beautiful body out of my 12 passenger van. It's coming to the Pretty Organized Palace to live but first needs a little paint job. No worries friends, you'll get the before and after shots... and probably the what in the heck was I thinking shots as well.


solomi558 said...

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Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Now that is such a fun way to combine the best of all things thrifty. But to miss Sat. Morning? Good thing we can do both. Can't wait to see your find. :)

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

I hearby proclaim a Naked Day (at the Pretty Organized Palace only...sorry, but I don't have time for a jail sentence this month.)

And I totally agree with you about having another shower after you've been married a few years. I hosted a lovely bridal shower here on Saturday and I coveted practically everything she opened. It all looked so NEW!

When I lived in Orlando, the garage sales and thrift shops were amazing. Those are the only places I needed to shop, but here in North Florida - they're scanty and sometimes a waste of time.
Perhaps the cure is the Garage Sale Tracker.

I'm off to see!

Jody said...

Craigslist has been my drug lately. I found something else....so pretty and completely functional. It won't go in a corner somewhere. And the best part: cheap! You'll have to see it.

But I do need to check out this online garage sales posts. I may find a new addiction.....:o)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I do love a good yard sale!! :) Can't wait to see your new find...$15!!! :)

Astrid said...

Oh man! We just finished two weekends of garage sales. Ugh. Got rid of four minivan loads of stuff though.

Joy said...

One of the ladies at my bridal shower last fall said she was bought two of everything she bought off my registry, 'cause "You need another bridal shower after 25 years of marriage!"

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