I'm hosting a Talk Show!

Happy Monday! What a treat I have in store for you at the Pretty Organized Palace. You see, I've been working on my own celebrity talk show and wanted you to get the first transcript of my show!

(Loud Applause- Que entry music)

Welcome to Pretty Organized Palace... we have a great show in store for you today. My guests today are Nester girl from Nesting Place and the mysterious Battery Hacker Guy from... well, You Tube. Both have valuable information that are sure to inspire you and keep that money in your pocket book.

First up- she's a mother of 3 boys, a tassel creator extraordinaire, married to a great guy who doesn't freak out when she paints brick, and working her way to financial freedom by running one of the most successful home decorating blogs and teaching people how to decorate without going into debt. Please welcome my dear friend.... NESTER!!

(LOUD CHEERS... APPLAUSE.... Kimba stands up from the audience and flashes her homemade "Get your Nest on" t-shirt.... camera pan to Kimba then back to Entering Nester)

Pretty: Welcome Nester. Thanks so much for agreeing to appear on Pretty Organized Palace first instead of Oprah.

Nester: Oh, Pretty, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. I love your Palace! It speaks thrifty efficiency mixed with organized chic and a touch of realism... so glad to be here.

Pretty: So you are here I understand to promote your new eBook entitled "It doesn't Have to Be Perfect to be Beautiful."

Nester: That's right girl! I released my new eBook today over at The Nesting Place and want to invite everyone over to take a peek.

Kimba- I LOVE YOU NESTER!!!-- (que security)

Pretty: When I got your email last week inviting me to preview the book I was so excited. Of course you know I read the whole thing and LOVED it but I want you to tell everyone in my studio audience today about why you wrote the book:

Nester: Well, I answer a lot of that over at the Nesting Place but basically I wanted to write a manifesto about what I believe in. I want women all over the world to love their homes and make them places that they enjoy being in and want to share with people they love.

Pretty: In your book you have a section entitled Break the rules. I love that. Being a law abiding Christian rule breaking isn't my strong point... but I admit, after I saw you hang a door on your wall, glue fur on a wreath, and plant succulents in milk glass urns I'm convinced that breaking home decor rules are good for you.

Nester: That's right Pretty. The most important thing you can do for your home is make it what YOU love. In my new eBook you'll learn all about creating a space that's accomplishes it's purpose and reflects YOU. That to me is beauty... flaws and imperfections are beautiful and it's okay to have those in your home and still have a place that welcomes friends and family.

Pretty: Well Nester, our time is almost up. Where can our guests get a copy of your new eBook?

Nester: Everyone who visits Nesting Place today can download my eBook for free when they sign up for my newsletter!

Pretty: Free?!?!? Nester you're so generous. Thank you for visiting the Pretty Organized Palace today.

Nester: I wouldn't miss it friend. Glad to be here... your Palace is Imperfectly Beautiful.

Pretty: Well you heard it right from the toaster strudel eating, high heel loving, bird watching friend of mine. Head on over to Nesting Place and pick yourself up the new Ebook. Remember to tell her Pretty Organizer sent you.
::Celebrity Voice Impersonated::
Photo Credit: BHG.com
Next, we have a money saving tip for you handy moms out there who are tired of buying a majillion batteries for your quadrilion remotes, MP3's, and the like.

Mr. Battery Hacker Guy.... Take it away!

Okay.... this is what Snopes had to say about my battery hack guy!  http://www.snopes.com/photos/humor/batteryhack.asp

Pretty: Thank you all for coming. Pretty Organized Palace was brought to you today buy the letters: CHEAP and the number: FREE. All guests of the Pretty Organized Palace stayed at their own house and in their pajamas instead of the Omni hotel.


The Nester said...

Wow an interview with me that I didn't even have to be there...or answer any questions....or even know about!

This confirms it. I need a clone!

I'll have everything up at 8am!

Thank you for telling your world about it!

Rachel said...

You are to funny. Thanks for the smile. Little people in our house never sleep in so we're up and at 'em already. I'll be downloading later this morning.

Dawn said...

Thanks for making me laugh so early in the morning.

Question- does the eBook really exist, cause I really hope it does! I ran over to visit Nester, but I didn't see anything about the eBook!

Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

Moody said...

great show and great presentation.
I read for you and the Nester. very motivating....
I wonder who you will be invinting next time around,,, hint hint :)
thanks again for good Monday start.

Pam said...

So funny! I'm heading over to Nester - and telling her you sent me. Love battery info, too! Who'd have thought.

Jody said...

Thanks for making me smile after a night spent wide awake with my well-known 3 year old. I should have called you....he could have played around while you wrote your lateset post! :o)

(had NO clue about 9 volt batteries, thanks.)

Andi said...

You are such a gifted poster. I am SSOOO excited about this!
Thanks! Andi

Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

You are just cracking me up. I would have held the cue card with Kimba you know.
FUNNY, Funny post. :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

You crack me up. Do you ever do a post without mentioning Nester? I am thinking you just might be a stalker. :-) So many clever ways to work Nester in to your posts! LOL!

love you

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Funny post! :) I signed up this morning and can't wait to dive in!

ilovemy5kids said...

Love the tip! That is genius! I'm still loving my pretty box! She is darling!

Michelle said...

Oh no...Kimba had to get escorted out by security...that's too much.

What a fun post!

TNelson said...

The battery thing needs to be checked out on snopes.com. I thought it was true...sadly it's not...

Pretty Organizer said...

Oops... caught by snopes... I think. Still tempted to try it out... I'm a dork.

Carla said...

my bother and I tried the battery thing about a year ago. and It did not have batteries in it. And it was a mess!!
This video made it look too easy to be real. They are hard to get apart.
But we were disappointed.

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