Pantries that leave you Panting


A summer at home with 6 kids on the loose.... doing chores, playing, swimming... STARVING (kids will eat anything after they swim- cold cereal AND the cardboard box it came in!) and raiding the pantry leaves a mother, me specifically, pondering over what a beautiful pantry might look like.... Hmmmm..... It would have matching dishes and jars, NO discount cereal boxes.

Plenty of space... and it might even be painted.

This picture from Blueprint shows off pretty dishes and a chalkboard door... by using paint.

Country Living
Yes, a pantry might even be it's own room. Enough for you to relax and read a good book while you snacked on the sack of chocolate chips during a moment of motherly rejuvenation.

It would be open with plenty of shelves for all of your gizmos, gadgets and bulk items (all of which match of course).

Did I mention I'd paint it?
Notice how these pantries were missing what's real in my world:
  • Syrup spilled on the shelf causing the container to adhere to the shelf
  • Cracker crumbs ... evidence of preschool plundering
  • Empty cereal boxes
  • 3 loaves of bread... heels only.
  • Brown banana's waiting for their next life as banana bread or pancakes.
  • A Barbie
  • A collection of twist ties and Cool Whip containers.

Okay, now that I've spilled my guts... What's in your pantry?


~Carole said...

Man, these pantries are over the top. Especially that second one. And, I can so relate to the not-so-pretty, yet realistic list of what's really in your (and my) pantry.

I organized mine not too long ago. Complete with labels. Everyone in my house can obey simple labels, right? Uh huh. What was I thinking? One can dream, though.

stacy said...

my pantry is a lot like yours only the barbie is in the TOILET with no arms or legs...yep, that's the kind of tatum that i'm raising.

Lisa said...

Ahh... {SWOON}...

I will not be sharing my pantry contents because they're nowhere near worthy to be included in this post. Let's just say it's not pretty, OR organized! LOL!

What a great post... thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration pics!

Pam said...

Pantry? What pantry? I don't have a pantry. In my DREAMS I have a pantry. What I DO have is some kitchen cabinets crammed to the hilt in absolutely no specific order (because they refuse to stay that way. I have to sit on the kitchen floor to see what's in the lazy susan. I have to get out the step stool to even reach the onions and God only knows what long, lost box of something I'll find while I'm up there. I recently bought a bag of flour ('cause I was out) only to find 2 more in the top cabinet when I was putting it away. I know, I'm a mess. But, aahhhh...maybe one day I'll have an actual pantry that I, too, can paint. And organize. And admire.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I don't have a pantry either. :( When we added on to the house last summer, we got a laundry room. With the washer and dryer out of the downstairs bath, I got my husband to build a closet where they used to be. That should be my pantry, but I'm not sure how I feel about keeping food in there. I guess for function's sake, I may have to just do it.... ;)

Astrid said...

I have to admit I do have a pantry. The walk-in variety. That was the number one feature I wanted when we built this house. However, it looks NOTHING like those pretty little rooms that are called pantries in your photos! I did recently go through and organize it but most of my boxes don't match and I still haven't managed to label the rest (maybe I'll go do that now while I have a moment). I've got lots of my small appliances I use maybe once or twice per year in there. I do love having a pantry!

Jane In The Jungle said...

OK when I read the title I thought it said PANTIES that leave you panting, LOL!!

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

I don't have a pantry! sniff, sniff. But I do have kitchen cupboards that are anything but organized. I would kill for one of the pantries you showed (Ok, I wouldn't actually kill, but you get the idea of how much I want one of those pantries). My grandma had a pantry to die for. It was my favorite place in her house. She would let us go into her pantry & pick out anything we wanted for lunch. I would spend an hour just drooling over everything trying to decide (I'm very indecisive so that is why I was in there so long). I'm sure I got my love of food from spending time in Grandma's pantry. Someday I'm going to have me a fabulous pantry!

Amy@DesigningaLifeILove said...

Alright, Pretty Organizer. . . it's time we talked.

First of all, with the exception of ONE of these images, none of them have items in them with a label (a box, a bag, or any brand names at all!). Simply put, REAL WOMEN DON'T LIVE HERE.

It's nice to see these pictures, but I've learned the hard way not to drool too much over beautiful images. I have learned to L O O K at them VERY carefully, and ask myself, "Does a REAL woman live here, or is this just another shelving company trying to sell me a pantry?"

Let's get mad, ladies! AND LET'S GET REAL! Our pantries are messy because it's our God-given talent to mess them up with LOTS of stuff to please and pacify our ever-growing, ever-loving families!



(...and, I have a messy pantry, too, and DARNED PROUD OF IT!!)

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

I am sure my pantry has some of those same things: cracker crumbs, spilled chocolate chips the kids sneak into, luckily no syrup~I am sure that is in the fridge! lol. Thanks for such a great post! I want to invite you to stop by and see my new look and my first great giveaway! If you enter you could be a lucky winner of a very Whimsy signature Birdie Bag! It is great for everything and stylish!

Hugs to you!

Jade Creative said...

I'm an organized pantry wantabe.
Constantly cleaning and organizing cause mine is so small. I'll post it one of these days...when it's organized.
Have a fabulous day

Amy said...

You forgot about the spilled rice and oatmeal, and old marshmellows! :)

Here's a pantry story for you...

I keep my flour in my pantry. One evening I made cookies and was planning on giving some to the neighbors. When I took a bite, I discovered popcorn kernals in the cookies. It turns out that my 3 yo twin girls had played in the flour and spilled the kernals in there. I didn't give my neighbor the cookies that time. That would be a bummer if a neighbor broke a tooth or a filling because they ate one of my chocolate chip cookies!

So, what's in my pantry? This, that...and occasionally, my 3 year olds!

Rhonda in OK said...

I am fortunate to have 2 pantries- yes, that was a huge reason we bought this particular house.

I recently organizied the foodstorage pantry


I still want to paint the insides of both of them and I love the pink one you posted.

Heather said...

My pantry (which is masquerading as kitchen cupboards) is full of ants right now! Could have something to do with all the open bags of crackers, cereal, chips... There are also plenty of empty containers, as most of the members of the family don't want to have to be responsible for actually washing them if they finish what was inside.

I will be dreaming of those gorgeous pantries!

-Julie said...

I love the yellow country looking pantry. Drool!
My pantry has labeled shelves of course! The labels have been ignored lately since school's out and hubby's been home...and a toddler.
Good luck on your home schooling decision!

~~Rhonda said...

You had me with "Yes, a pantry might even be it's own room. Enough for you to relax and read a good book while you snacked on the sack of chocolate chips during a moment of motherly rejuvenation."

My pantry in this old house is 11 feet wide, 4 feet deep and 12 feet high. And has two doors, one on each end. Shelves floor to ceiling on the back wall. You can even walk through it if there isn't too much stuff piled on the floor between the doors. It holds a lot...but, ALAS, no room to hide while reading a book and eating chocolate chips from the bag...::sigh:: But thanks for the visual. I enjoyed a good chuckle. ~~Rhonda :-D

SoBella Creations said...

What fantastic pantries!

Ashley@AshleysBusy said...

Yes, I always seem to have honey dripping as we store it upside down so we don't have to wait a million years for it to come out. And empty boxes...Men will never learn, lol. And stuff I thought seemed fabulous and I just had to try, but either used it once and forgot about it, or worse, never used it at all. I'm notorious for doing this.

Thanks for the pretty pics!

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