Telling your story:: Decorating with Photos

Remember my post about your home's story? Does your home tell a story? Does it reflect you and what you love?-- How about you and WHO you love?

When I was growing up I loved to visit my Aunt's house. She had 4 boys and and a proud family tree that she discretely tucked into the decor of every room. My favorite photos were not the typical "Olan Mills" style staged shots but the ones that told a story.

She grouped photos together and collected "series" photo's over the years. The bathroom told the story of each boy's growth. There were collections of the boys lined up from oldest to youngest holding signs of what grade they were in for the first day of school. It was neat to see a collection over a span of years and watch the boys grow at one glance.

We hail from a horse loving cowboy grandfather. My aunt had pictures of her father on his horse, her husband on a horse, and her boys on horses all neatly grouped together in the hallway on an old antique.

Candid photos do much to tell a story and they reflect what you love. Used carefully and grouped by color, theme, kid or style these photos make a house a home.

I decided to gather up old photos from all sides of my family. Some photo's date back to the 1800's. I took them to the copy center and made color copies of the black and white photographs. I know... why color?- Because it was the closest match to the original picture's color. I placed all of them in black frames and hung them in my bathroom. This is now our Family History bathroom. Each photo tells a story. My kids love to see these faces and hear their stories. My bathroom receives many comments from guests. Tomorrow I'm unveiling that bathroom (because tonight I'm scrubbing it)....

A note to my sweet readers: This week is the last week of school so my irregular posts can be contributed to all of these multiplied by 4 kiddos: Water Day, Last concerts, Pizza Party, Ice-cream socials, game day, last day of school breakfast, and frequent Excedrin breaks.

How do you tell your story with pictures?


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I have small framed wedding photos in the top of my secretary desk.

Astrid said...

I have a wall in my library that has photos our little family. I get to look at every time I'm on the computer. That reminds me...I need to get updated portraits done of my girls!

Your school is already out? We won't be out until early June!


I totally agree with the photo thing. The wall of our foyer is covered with over 40 family baby pictures. I am going to write about it when I change their arrangement. I am anxious to see your bath.


Stacey said...

I can't wait to see what you did in your bathroom. I've mostly kept family pictures in small places. However, I have a wall in my family room that just screams for a grouping of black and white family pictures.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Hey Chicka! Love this post. I'm a photo junkie. (Doesn't hurt that the hubby is a photographer...and I'm learning.)

Can't wait to see you this summer!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Oh, I love this post, and I loved seeing your pictures! :) I have a bunch of old b&w family photos that I scanned at home and then had printed at Target. I framed them in (spray painted)frames from The Dollar Tree and I am planning on hanging them in a grouping in our addition--but I'm scared to hang them. :s Don't want to put them in the wrong spot. Silly, I know.

Kristina said...

I have pictures of my daughter & her cousins in the pool/by the pool - get it- water, bathroom? I know, I'm a little crazy.

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