A Spin on Shelves

In a house of 8 there is one motto I live by in organizing space: Go Vertical! Even though utilizing vertical space clears up the floor messes, it presents some challenges of it's own... shelf clutter. Check out how the above bookcase hides the shelf clutter: roller shade! Easy! Just use a window roller shade mounted with ceiling mounts to the underneath of a shelf and pull the shade closed to hide the unsightly. Roller shades can be painted or decorated with stencils or fabric to make that eye sore hiding miracle look like a design feature!
This is a shelf idea that even I can mount myself. Suspend your shelf boards from grosgrain ribbon. Take a length of ribbon, match the uneven ends and fold down twice. Screw the folded down ends into the wall. Place board in loop and repeat for the other side making sure you level the board (may need another girlfriend to help out). Tack the ribbon to the bottom side of the shelf with staples or upholstery tacks and walla.... a fancy display shelf. Of course, this isn't meant to house your complete Shakespeare collection.
My favorite! These are soap dishes screwed into a wall. I need about 8 of these mounted in a collection on the wall of my laundry room: Lego dish, money dish, rubber band dish, rock collection dish, bottle cap dish, Polly Pocket clothes and missing heads dish... you get the idea.

Now, go vertical and organize your space!
Photo credits: MarthaStewart.com


Vivienne said...

I love the idea of the soap dishes in the laundry room! My personal favorites: rubber bands for braces, chapsticks, lizards. oy!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I liked this post! I am going to need to "go vertical" in my new workspace. When I envision asking the hubs for help, I can almost hear the whine. ;)

Lorrie said...

Thanks for the post. I need to reorganize my stuff as well. Pop on over to see my plates from the women's luncheon...I'm shamelessly promoting my little "win"

Val said...

What a clever idea with the soap dish!!!

Steph said...

Love the soap dishes, but my favorite is the ribbon one.

-Julie said...

I really like the soap dishes too. I think I need some in each of the girls' bathrooms for hair doolollies!

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