Herding Chipmunks- Chores Part 2

Okay you caught me... I used one of my favorite office pics from Rhoda of Southern Hospitality because it's going to be the only pretty picture in this post... And Rhoda, you can see knows how to organize.  She's another Pretty Organizer.

This is the second decent shot in the bunch and pardon my vanity for posting but sometimes a girls gotta squeal when something works out RIGHT!  This is a very edited on Picnik .
See!  You can't see that I'm 34 and over 50% gray (for real), the double chin is almost a single, and that overstretched tummy is completely gone... well alright, it's below that blacked out  line. If you haven't visited this site... it's a Pretty Organizer must see! (so is Pandora but that's for another post!)

Now, On to the UGLY post.  Really... it's ugly.
In the interest of full disclosure I have to tell you that the chore chart from this post wasn't mine.  It was a random image on flickr.  

I used to have a cute displayable chore chart with a wheel.  It had names and jobs and did I mention that it was cute? Flowers and bling and transfer letters...Oh... how I loved that chore chart.  It was square- because I had 4 kids, then I adopted #5.  So, did I need to move to a pentagon?  Not impossible but kind of a weird shape to have displayed... then we adopted #6 and well... I've thunk and thunk in my thoughtful spot (the only room in the house that locks... you know which one) and I decided that after 6 kids there isn't such a thing as a cute chore chart.  It looks more like an organizational chart for Wal-Mart than something cute and fun and meant to inspire the little punk-a-noodles around my house.
Look at that fridge!  (not mine again) There are only 4 kiddos charts on there... 6?!?!?!?  WHAT!  WHERE!!

So, since my kids know Wal-Mart (they think it's our vacation home) I decided to embrace the corporate size family look and move into the future.  I use a HUGE desk calendar on my wall.  Just 3M sticky thingy'd the thing to wall.  That's command central.

The job chart is in Excel, Excell?  Oh Heck.  Let's get this straight.  I don't excel in Excel.  I think that whomever decided to combine the letter and the number system together and reason that they could be used to create fancy problems... was a nut!  I try every day to separate and sort letters and numbers and solve problems! (Which I'm told is exactly what it does... well not for me it doesn't.)   I think I just revealed my I.Q.  ... this is the painfully obvious reason that I decided to major in music.  BUT... I know me how to marry a good look'n geek and HE knows Excel and has no problem riding in like a white night, oh you know what I mean- a Knight on a white horse!-- and combining all those letters and numbers to create the perfect job chart.... the one I can't show you.  
Cuz right now that chart looks like this... Geesh, am I embarrassed!
Well, I could show you if my good look'n hubby were awake but he's also a health nut and heads to bed early so he can beat the rooster in the morning... he wins every time... (cuz we aint got no Roosters...  shhh... but don't tell him.)

So, here's the deal.  I'll ask hubby how we can make an image of our illustrious chore chart.  Now, it's perfect for our family but may need to be tweaked for yours.  Anyone interested?

A little info to inspire you to check back:
  • We rotate each week.  
  • Kids are in charge of their rooms, a ZONE (ooh this one is good so be sure to stay tuned... solved lots of whining!), a trash responsibility, and a dinnertime job every day.  
  • They have 1 weekly job and a few Saturday jobs.  
So, with 6 kids, you can tell I don't do much around here.  My job is to monitor the chocolate inventory, make sure all the punks don't smell like skunks, and drive... you don't really believe that do you!  Well, the chocolate part is true.

I'll have pretty shots for Friday- Promise!


michelle twitty said...

ohhh I just love that first picture of the office! So organized and pretty! Thanks for posting pictures and ideas!

Jenna said...

Oh my - you are amazing! My kids will not know the source but TIMES ARE A CHANGIN' around these parts - I can't wait to learn more.

BTW Your profile picture is wonderful. And aren't we lucky we have early-to-bed husbands? It gives me time to play.

DESJ and Company said...

I need a chore chart. My children are ungrateful hoodlums.
But I need somewhere to start...WHY do I do it all?

Jody said...

Now, I have to say your ZONE idea is great! We did have a slight problem of workers moving things from THEIR zone to the OTHER worker's zones, but we nipped that in the bud real fast......

As for rotation, my kids tend to stick to the jobs they have. Which, if they like their current job and don't want to change....fine by me. As long as it gets done. And the everyday job of making beds and cleaning rooms will always be in effect.

My only problem is Saturdays. And deciding what needs to be done. And when to do it. And how to rotate. It's hard because our weekends change so much throughout the year, staying consistant for that day isn't easy. So I could use some good Saturday chores/rotations/season-inspired/age-appropriate jobs that need to be done. With a smile on the face and a skip in the step. :o) Any ideas?

becca said...

OK, you and I both know that no dummy majors in music. Harmony is as hard as anything. Or at least, no dummy actually graduates with a degree in music.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Aren't you so cute?! Thanks for giving my office space such great press, I appreciate it. And thanks for your always great comments when you stop by to see me. That box you sent me in the giveaway has landed here in the office space (of course it matches perfectly!).

Laura said...

Would love some help with a chore chart !

Virginia said...

I'm a new reader of yours and have really enjoyed your blog a lot! I am curious- and forgive me if this has been mentioned before- but what are the ages of your children? I am trying to teach my kids the beginnings of responsibilities and chores, and am trying to figure out how much they can do right now. (My oldest is about to be 4; I have an almost 3 year old, and a 1 year old, and one on the way!). I know that they can't do tons, but I also know that they can do more than I think... so I am curious to how you handle age appropriate chores in your home.

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