Kids Space Saving

Get ready for Wednesday everyone!  Shabby Nest and I are hosting a Kids Storage Party!  It will be taking place on Feb 4th over at Wendy at the Shabby Nest's house (blog, whatever.)  I'm in charge of dessert!!  So, ya'll are assigned to bring a favorite drink of your choice and then buy some good dark chocolate (my choice) to nibble on while you sit and get inspired!  Let's get those kids spaces cleaned up and hide the unsightly!
Start snapping those pics... not these... you don't need to make sure the purple pencil in the pencil jar matches the clip on your kids lamp and the purple notebook in the magazine rack... that's a little obsessive to be real.. but, if you so choose you can color stage your pictures.
Please don't fee like you have to go out and buy a purple sweatshirt to match the purple pencil... just show us where you hang your kids stuff!  Let us know what's working for you in your home.  This party will be the meeting of great mom minds!  Yes, you have beautiful minds and I can't wait to meet you at the party!
So, whether you organize your stuff in bins, boxes, bags, bookcases, barrels or hanging banana baskets... you're invited.  I'll be sharing a few ideas of how I organize my boardgames for SUPA CHEAP... and how I salvaged a bulk trash items from my neighbor that was broken and turned it into a great toy storage item.  I also will be sharing my trick for creating more floor space in a room... with 6 kiddos, it's easy to forget we even have a floor because the kids so effectively hide it.

Come as you are.  Come meet great women ( i think... if you're a man... um.. most of us are married... well... I am happily.. and well... it's always a little awkward to tell guys who think I'm so cute that I come with a hubby and 6 kids... they usually find a super great exit line).  Come meet Wendy... seriously, one of the funnest and most creative bloggly babes on the east coast, and ME... a Pretty Organized mom of 6 with a creative mind born out of desperation.  Share your inspiration or your frustrations and be inspired!

Pretty Organizer


becca said...

When I saw you were classically trained, I knew you were a blog I had to follow :) I need all the organizational help I can get!

Gray Matters said...

Sounds like a good time - see you there.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Your posts are so cute! You crack me up!

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