The Ideal Homemaker

The Modern Day June Cleaver.... (I didn't know my kids were taking a picture of me on this day!  How completely embarrassing!... good kids even caught me cleaning with my high heels on!)

 How I start out most mornings.... 
How I feel after 6 pm... the umbrella goes into the closet and I take out my broom..... Honestly, isn't there a reason why they call it the witching hour?  Now try bedtime for 6 ALONE!!  Major chocolate moments.

Wish I had me some of that nose twitch action... Oh, but wait... I do!!!... and I'm sharing a few of my magic tricks in a new series coming up on my blog!  Stay tuned........
In the mean time... this is who I feel like most days.  Only, I'm missing Alice.  Has anyone seen her?  I don't recall her ever reporting for duty. 

Don't forget to head over to Wendy at the Shabby Nest and link up for our Conquering Kids Clutter Party!  Get your pictures and posts ready... don't forget your chocolate and a good notepad to jot down your ideas!  Can't wait to see all of you there!

Stay tuned for my upcoming series: A Hassle Free House!  


Julie said...

LOL, I DO sometimes clean in heels, but only when I have too. Of course I tell my husband I clean everyday in a French Maid outfit, and he just misses it by the time he gets home. Mwah ha ha ha ha!
I love your blog, and your family is beautiful!
Speaking of chocolate, I was pounding it down yesterday (one of those days). I think my dr might be asking me to give it up on Wednesday! Now how could I do that to a friend?!

Mrs. Pittman said...

I like your cleaning outfit, but you really should wear an apron over that dress. I'm an apron collector (but I always forget to put one on!)

Carla said...

I am with you on the witching hour!! But I say it starts at 3:30 when the kids all get home and homework starts, supper starts and any activities. Then bedtime for 6 kids all alone here also. So my witching hour is several hours really. Until 10:00 when dear hubby gets home.
Your doing pretty good to start your days off like carol brady even if they don't always end that way

BECKY said...

Just came over from Kimba's and I'm glad I did!! You're too funny!!

I'll be visiting again!! Now back to look at more of your blog!!

Runner Mom said...

This is just too, too cute ! I'm cracking up! The pictures of you are wonderful!!!!!!! This was a great post!

Ells said...

Funny post and funny pictures! Who cares if 'haply a little dust should lodge' on top of your refrigerator? You are raising 6 kids to be healthy, loving members of the Kingdom!

Sara said...

Me with my one kid, stand in awe of you and those like you, who can put 6 kids to bed alone! You deserve a standing ovation....because I think what I do is hard.....and you do it well. But with mentors like June Cleaver, Mary Poppins, and Mrs. Brady.....how could you fail?!

Meredith said...

I love the episode of Leave it to Beaver I saw recently with June cleaning in a shirtdress, heels, and a scarf on her head. Way to dress it down, June!

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