Remember your Gifts

I'm posting late because I am recovering from hosting a "chocolate party" for 30 ladies at our church.  It was a success but the need to head to the gym has never been felt more acutely!

This week I've blogged about a few of the tricks I use to maintain my sanity as a homemaker.  Well, the truth is... my faith is the foundation of how I maintain life.  As a mother and homemaker I feel women have been given "gifts" to help us bear the load that is ours alone.
There's a reason why we hang our towels on separate hooks! ... And here's where I get preachy (patience please)... newsflash: God made men and women different.  We were the very last creation after he pronounced the earth good and made man... in a way, his crowning work! We are the nurturers, ones who have a natural gift for compassion and service and giving.  We seek beauty and hope to make better all that we come in contact with.  Ladies, my sisters around the world... for I feel you to be exactly that... you are spectacular!
Each day your rise and live to serve and give and love.  The very work you do in your homes will shape your children, and by extension your community, your nation and this world.  To borrow a phrase from my pal Kimba, "What you do matters!"  The little acts of love and service you do paints the masterpiece that will one day be called your life... and I know all you ladies are exceptional painters, even if the laundry isn't done for the day or the dinner dishes aren't cleared 'till the morning after.
I've been blessed with great gifts... most obvious is my talent to sing however, I know that is not the most important gift.  My most important gifts are the ones I share with women all over the world... the gift to love, to feel the pain of others, to wake up each day and serve my family...HAPPILY.  We all share the gift of sisterhood; that draw towards each other and desire to uplift and feed each other what might be lacking for a season due to circumstance.

Ladies you're wonderful and each day as I read your blogs and hear about your lives I am drawn to your talents and gifts and beauties that are inherent in your femininity.  I have a beautiful life because of the gifts I've been give as a woman and the opportunities I've been given to share them with those around me whom I love. You've uplifted and inspired me and I'm so grateful.  I celebrate our unique gifts that qualify us to be keepers of our homes and to be creators of beauty and relief to those who are in need.  Hooray for the gifts of womanhood!  Head over to see Melissa's take at The Inspired Room... I think we were inspired to write similar posts today:)

What gifts do you feel help you in your homemaking?


Jenna said...

My first thought is how my ability to put together well-balanced meals for my family of guys really helps. There are other less tangible gifts but being able to fuel their sports-related ambitions gives me great joy.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that I have any gifts when it comes to homemaking. That is why I read your blog! Thank you. Thank you for reminding us all how important we are.

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE the music room... beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I believe the gifts that help me in my homemaking are of course my family. That and a love to cook! Now only if I could find a love for cleaning, ugh.

Nicky said...

What you've said today is important especially for me as a single woman. In my house of one, sometimes I forget that I have these gifts and that I can be a recipient of my own talents. My thought is that if I can become enough of a priority on my own list, to create a home that is comforting to me ... how much more easy it would be to be able to share my gifts (including home-making) with others.

Thank you for this very important reminder today.

Miss Sandy said...

Beautiful post! I think one of my gifts in home making is that I nurture which is my nature. I love being a caregiver and my strongest spiritual gift is servant hood. I love to see to the needs and comforts of my family.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend.

Amara said...

I love that quote "paint the masterpiece that is our lives". I'll remember that. I feel that creativity -in any sense- even just creating a new thought or idea in our children, is one way we nurture ourselves. That joy and satisfaction come from our creativity.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hooray for being women! :-) Great post, Happy Valentine's Day girl!


Debbie @ Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

I definitely treasure my gift of a sense of humor. I would go insane without it, and I think it helps my family keep temporal things in perspective.

LOVE-ly post!

Bobbi Jo said...

Wonderful post Pretty Organizer! Love it. Happy Valentines Day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I enjoyed your post! Well put! :-)
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

AMEN :-)

Mrs.RGS said...

I've been enjoying your blog for the last few weeks now. I'd love to hear you sing.
The gift God has blessed me with is the ability to create a comfortable home, a safe haven for my family to retreat.
It's a good thing, too, cuz I can't cook!

Phaedra : ) said...

I love the bedroom! My newest favorite colors are black and white and I am in the process of collecting things for my new bed and bathroom! You wrote a beautiful post today! I agree with you 100%.
Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

Phaedra : ) said...

I love the bedroom! My newest favorite colors are black and white and I am in the process of collecting things for my new bed and bathroom! You wrote a beautiful post today! I agree with you 100%.
Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

Pretty Organizer said...

You are so right! Creating a beautiful home and a peaceful place to be is important regardless of whether your married, single or have kids. This is the place where you seek refuge from the day. YOU ARE IMPORTANT and have great gifts! Great contribution girl! Thanks,

Pretty Organizer

Tausha said...

You are blessed with the gift of words~HOw I enjoyed reading your post. It made me hold my head up a little higher, be proud that I am a mom, wife and homemaker. Even though sometimes I feel like i am a homewrecker-but that isn't every day! :)
Your kinds words on my blog are much appreciated. I feel that the greatest thing one can get from another is kindness. Thank you for that.
I hope you win! Please keep visiting me. Have a great weekend

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