Is Your Well Empty or Full?

Just a quick post today. Remember the emergency drill on the airplane? "If cabin pressure should happen to change, oxygen masks will drop down from the ceiling. If you are riding with a child , please secure your mask first and then attend to your child..." Okay that's my version at least. Why do they say that?!?!? I understood when I became a mother of many.... because, if you as a mother don't have what you need to survive... you can't help your loved ones. Period. So, I ask a related question....

Is your well empty or full?

As a woman, mother, wife, and friend we are givers. We give love, care, concern, empathy, wisdom, advice, counsel, band-aides, and baths. However, it is difficult to draw water from an empty well.

What are you doing to keep the water in your well? Do you take time to read and ponder? Do you meditate and reflect on what your needs are? As the day begins, remember to take time to nourish yourselves. I read my scriptures and pray. I read books that uplift and inspire me. I educate my mind on topics that interest me or that I feel I might need in the future.

Taking time to read, ponder and pray is essential. It fills the heart, strengthens the spirit and quickens your mind. A good routine of personal time... carefully attended to, will keep your well full and enable you to give more without feeling run down.

So, remember to strap on your oxygen mask each day and take care of what you need so you can attend to the needs of others. Keep that well full and it will continue to provide nourishment and relief to those you love and serve.

What do you do to keep your well full?


Katie said...

Thank you- a wonderful reminder!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Yes indeed. Without time to reflect we are just going through the motions. I have a sun room that I spend alot of time in that room looking out at nature. It helps me to stay grounded. Thanks for the reminder. And that black and white toile room is gorgeous!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Did you peek in my well? Yes, sometimes I need a little refill. Thanks for the reminder! (And funny, my oldest had a talk to give today too. Had to hurry and help write it yesterday! He rocked the house...or the Primary room...you get the idea.) Have a good one!

Jody said...

I couldn't agree more! A nice reminder and appreciated comfort in knowing we're not all alone when it comes to keeping our wells full.

I hope you're feeling better.

-Julie said...

Another awesome post ;-) I currently am blogging with a mouth full of Cadburry Mini Eggs ;-)

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