Hold the Phone... Calls.

Managing a house means managing your time. One lesson that took me too long to learn: Pavlov's Dog Theory... no, when the bell rings I don't begin drooling... well, unless it's the timer for the chocolate chip cookies... No I learned that - Just because I have a phone, doesn't mean I have to answer it every time it rings.

I try to talk on MY time. It's taken me awhile to get to this point but my family is important too and I need to dedicate time to them and my home. I love talking to girlfriends and helping out with the PTA but I found myself running crazy and neglecting the very thing that was MOST important... the needs of my family.
Now when I need to get something done without interruptions (believe me, I have interruption enough with 6 kiddos... I don't need more) I let the phone go. Girlfriends who know me forgive me and those who don't never know. I always make sure to call everyone back (praise caller ID) and talk when I am available. Let the answering machine be your secretary.
My second phone tip is: Schedule a time when you will make all of your phone calls. If you schedule a time to use the phone, you'll have all of your numbers ready and a dedicated time to complete your tasks... less transition time to the next job on the list.

How do you handle phone calls in your house?


Jennifer said...

that is exactly what I do. And, I NEVER answer a private number. If I want your product I'll call you! I've always said "where's the law stating you MUST answer a ringing phone?" If I'm busy or in a foul mood (Which, ahem, rarely ever happens of course.) I'm not going to be a good conversationalist anyway.
Have a great day!

Nikki said...

I do that too. I figure if it's importnant they can leave me a message or call back later. I'm sure most people would rather I talk to them when I am undistracted anyway!

Kira said...

Lee always answers EVERY call so I drive him crazy. Especially right now we are getting a TON of sales calls (must be the economy) so most times I don't bother to even look at caller i.d. When I want to talk to someone I look at whos called. I think we actually just need to go back to only cell phones.

becca said...

I'm trying to teach this concept to my mom. She will hurt herself trying to answer the phone. It rings, and she feels the need to drop everything and run to the phone... when it is usually a telemarketer of some sort.

Lorrie said...

I do the same thing. My friends have figured out that when I'm in school...I don't answer the phone. Unfortunately we haven't trained youth we work with to not call Sunday morning before church...they're confirming when they will get picked up, etc...but they already know...they just like to call and text.

SHURTER'S :) said...

Yes, the answering machine is my best friend, especially when we are schooling! I homeschool, so do most of my friends, so we all know not to call during that time. And if we really need something, to leave a message. Caller ID is another great friend! :)

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I have the phone thing down....it's the computer I am having issues with....I.AM.WALKING.AWAY! NOW! :)

Carol said...

Having the caller ID feature on our land line is a life saver in my opinion. I figure if they really need to talk to me they'll leave a message. I only answer the phone if it's someone I know.
Since we put our phone # on the 'don't call' national registery list several months ago we rarely get calls from people we don't know.


Amara said...

Jeff is so good like that. Me, I'm usually so excited someone wants to talk to me I RUN for the phone. Pretty lame.

Anna Sophia said...

It has taken me a long time to get to this point. And I still struggle with it some times. Just today, I was giving my daughter a bath and helping her change the color of her doll when the phone rang. I jumped up, dropped the doll in and said "I'll be back" My hands were wet and of course there was no towel in the bathroom (b/c girlie is always taking it off the hook). So with soaking hands and me spinning in one spot trying to decide where the closet towel is/gotta answer the phone/no I don't/Aack I just plopped back down and starting playing again. Sometimes I remember that I can call htem back and other times I look the exorcist spinning in one spot trying to decide what to do! :-) Thanks for the post.
~Anna Sophia

Michelle said...

The caller ID feature is probably the best thing since sliced bread....seriously. If I'm in the middle of something...important or not, I'll let our VM pick up the call for me.

Great tips today! Sorry I haven't been by lately....been busy, so I've got some catching up to do!

-Julie said...

I like the "let the answering machine be your secretary" statement! Good plan!
I no longer keep a phone in my bedroom because I learned that 8am in when doctors offices like to call to remind you of an appointment, but only on the days you get to sleep in, ha ha.

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