Nature Vs. Nurture-- Which are you?

I'm convinced that there are two types of people: Those who are compelled to clean up messes due to a genetic composition completely foreign to me (and they ENJOY this.  It makes them feel good!) ; and those who compel themselves to keep up with those kind of people... I am the latter type.  

I was not born a fanatic housekeeper.  My mother was.  My mom rose at 4:30 or 5am, laundry was folded and done, dinner in the crockpot and bread made before any child stepped foot out of bed.  The woman was a homemaking machine, although, I admit, I never saw her sleep.

I on the other hand, was born her genetic opposite.  I was the arch rival to my mothers clean system... go ahead and ask her how many milk glasses I had next to my bed (which, my sweet hubby now patiently deals with... some things never change.)  I loved a clean room.  I loved the feeling of no clutter and the smell of baked bread.  When I married, I was completely baffled as to how all of these things got done in a home.
Now after nearly 14 years of marriage I get it.  I get that I wasn't born with the genetic clean freak gene.... even though I wish I were.   I battle my disability daily... I have had to be nurtured (by my sweet mother) over the years on how to get it all done.  It is possible... I'm living proof!
This week I'll be sharing a few of the tricks that have not come natural to me but that have been nurtured by me to help make my homemaking effective.  I am not perfect, but I have an absolute love for homemaking and a conviction that there is no other role on earth I could do that would bring me more joy than this... even if it means I'm fighting a genetic flaw and feel like a 3 legged greyhound in a high stakes race!

How has homemaking come to you?  Are you a natural homemaker or one who's nurturing her homemaking skills?


Erin said...

Definitely nurturing my homemaking talents...its taken me 20 years to get where I am today and I still have to convince myself that some things just MUST be done.

Renata said...

I'm definitely not a natural homemaker. My mum wasn't natural either, so I got married & knew basically nothing on homemaking. I've been married almost 10 years & I'm still learning homemaking & decorating (not gifted in that either) - these are some of the reasons I'm enjoying your blog so much!

Sweet Bunny said...

I have had to nurture my skills but the desire is absolutely there! I have been married 3 years and am finally getting the dishes, laundry and making the beds into the routine. I hope to work on hospitality soon. I'm enjoying your blog :)

becca said...

I think I've been different things at different times in my life... is that possible? When I just had one child and didn't work, I was all about the entire house being perfect... and it DID make me happy to do it... but now? Well, I'm a lot busier, a lot more tired... and the house gets a WHOLE lot messier. It is a LOT more constant now, and I feel like I'm constantly on "replay." So, I wouldn't say it is so natural now and I sure as heck don't enjoy it. I enjoy it afterwards... the full 2 minutes that it lasts.

Melody said...

My is definitely nurture although like you I so wish I had the natural one. While some of my brothers and sisters have the nature gene it skipped me entirely.

Sara said...

I'm looking forward to your tricks of the trade.
Home making has not come naturally to me. I am a good cook, I like things to be pretty, but I love to sleep, watch movies, visit friends, read, go outside, more than I love to clean or have a clean house. I'm really looking forward to you tips, because I am trying to nurture homemaking in my life! My husband and child will thank you.

~*Lisa*~ said...

I am so not a natural but praying that God gives me that soon and very soon. Blessings

-Julie said...

I definitely have to nurture the skills. Even though I'm also starting a Professional Organizing business, I was not born organized! Well maybe a little, but I am more of a conscious organizer-I have to think through it all first. I still love it though! I can't wait to see your tips this week! I need some motivation!

Anna Sophia said...

This post really hits home! That is totally me and my mom! She is over 3,000 miles away so she can only offer verbal advice, at least it's there. :) I am so glad you will be sharing your tips and tricks! :)

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