Scenes of Efficiency

A dream command central.  Lights, memo board, key holders, baskets, phone, and someone even has the lunches on a tray with cute clips and a note.  Oh, and a stationary calm dog makes this picture seem homey and real.

Can you see that I am working on efficiency in my home?  These are my inspirations that I'm using to create my Beautiful Life. For sweet Melissa at TheInspiredRoom's Beautiful Life Linky- I'm working on being more efficient this week.  If these picture's aren't inspiring enough go check out her blog!
Wrapping headquarters.  This lady was inspired enough to wrap her wall first!  Although as a mom of 6 I recognize this scene as being unrealistic (the fact that the wrapping paper matches with the room and there are no signs of markers on the counter or fingerprints on the cupboards)... I can dream, right?  There's a balance between being efficient and being OCD about where things go.
I dream in color and in efficiency... in real life it is my permanent quest.  How I would love my children to neatly keep their things next to their bed... my 6 year old with allergies decided that a roll of toilet paper next to him is efficient... mom agrees until all of the used wads get stuffed under the pillow or thrown on the floor!  The idea is there though... he has a shelf by his bed and it serves as his "keeping" station.
Need i say more?  Pull up a chaise lounge, bring me some chocolate, pipe in a good jazz CD and bring on the laundry! Though I don't have double machines, how I spend my time working to get things done matters.  Laundry every day is a must.  I gave up TV all together to become efficient and it's working so far. Blogging... my next area to address.
Hooks.  Next to the lever, the pulley, and the wheel, it's the oldest invention that I find absolutely necessary.  Actually, I could take or leave the pulley... and a butter knife or screw driver is my style of lever.  Efficient tools, efficient machines, efficient house.
Someday I may have an entry so big I could line up 8 of these and no one would notice? I love a great ready station.  For now the backbacks hang on the door to the garage (inside the garage) and the coat closet serves as the hiding place for purses, hats, and shoes.
Martha Stewart's junk drawer is so efficient that everything is not only useful, it matches!  Whether or not your junk drawer matches is it organized to use efficiently?  I'm cleaning mine out next week.
A lovely place to hang your hat...
If you get a chance, check out Grace Brooke's blog on scaling a child's room to his/her size to maximize self- sufficiency!  She's got a measurement chart to boot!

What things in your home do you feel bring efficiency?


Mrs. B. said...

oh yes! I love that red wrapping space. So gorgeous.
Happy Friday!

Carla said...

I drool over that command central and that laundry room , can you imagine how much time you would have to lounge in there because that laundry would take no time at all to get done even with 8 in the family. LOVE it!!!

I seen somewhere recently I don't know where to use planter boxes that are meant to hang over a deck railing to hang on the end of the top bunk so the kids on the top have a space to put there stuff and it won't fall down to the bottom. I thought that was brilliant and as soon as planter come out I am buying me some since we just bought our 3rd set of bunk beds to have set up around here.

Kristen said...

These photos are beautiful and very inspirational!

I honestly can think of only one efficient area of my home - we are crammed in an apartment, the laundry 'room' is really a closet with doors. So I took an 'over the door shoe organizer' and hung it inside the laundry room doors. Then I was able to sort out dryer sheets, fabric softener, candles, matches, random items that made their way to the closet- they now have their own little pouch!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos! I always get excited seeing organized spaces and are pretty too. I am doing the same as Carla...drooling over the command central. Love it!
Grace Brooke

The Urban Chic said...

I just found your blog and I am a "junkie" organizer and should be doing it for a living. I love seeing other people's ideas of how to use organizing in their decorating schemes. Love your blog. Pat

Miss Sandy said...

Don't we all long for spaces like the ones you featured? I know I do. In reality I live in a cottage not a castle so I have to make do with small space solutions. My favorite one is my excess shoe storage that is a recent purchase. I detested the basket of outside shoes that sat by my front door. I found an antique music storage cabinet with horizontal shelves in it which turned out to be perfect in size to store all those pesky shoes. I simply put them on the shelf and close the little door and smile and pat my new piece of furniture. And it was a bargain at $30.00 to boot!

SoBella Creations said...

I love the first picture! That would be fantastic to have in my house.

Bobbi Jo said...

When I saw that laundry room I swear I heard angels singing! That is awesome. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

HaleyW said...

Oh - that bedside organizer! Do you have a link to where that might be available for purchase? Would it be possible to email it to me at haleywillard@yahoo.com? Thanks!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

now I got to redo my laundry area.. thanks for giving me some ideas..

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I love that first photo...do you think anybody could ever really have a command central like that (outside of the Pottery Barn photo stagers I mean?) And you had me at the 2 washers and 2 dryers. My laundry could get done so quickly that way!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...



oh to have such lovely and organized spaces!


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