$138,095 K

The last time I invoiced my husband for my yearly Homemaking salary he said he needed a government bailout to make good. In fact whoever is in charge of paying me has been in arears for years!

Mom's, do you know how much you're worth?  Well, MSN has the Oct 1, 2008 update for you.  According to their very careful study that takes into accounts all the jobs you do, time off you don't get, overtime that you most definitely do... you're worth $138,095 K buckaroos!  Now, don't go gett'n all high and mighty and strut your underpaid self all over the house and yodelling to the husband about how you're making more than him... that wouldn't be very humble.  It's nice to know that if we were to market ourselves in the real world for all the odd jobs we do, we at least have a going price.

So how much are you really worth moms?  YOU'RE PRICELESS.  Money cannot buy what you do.  Money cannot replace you.  You are irreplaceable!  What you do in the walls of your homes amounts to more than $138,095 a year.  You are raising generations.  You are building good communities, you're strengthening the nations of tomorrow.  You are saving tax payers millions of dollars in criminal and public safety expenses.... you are raising good law abiding kids.

The influence of what you do in your homes has no price tags.  Years from now, generations will call your name blessed because of what you do in your homes.  Remember, you're laying up treasures in Heaven.  You've partnered with a Heavenly King to bring his sons and daughters back to Him... your work is priceless forever.

My priorities are organized.  My closet is not.  This is why I do what I do.  Yes, I'd love the $138,095 that the world says I'm worth.  I could make that buck stretch for a few good families (a little homemaking humor).  However, I know pretty well my pay day won't be for awhile.  Will I be dead? Nah... I'll get a few advances on that payday when I see my kids marry a great person, or raise fabulous children, or serve others.  Pay Day.

Off the pulpit.  Just thinking today.  Just grateful for the job that's mine.  I'd take the job in a mansion or a dirt poor hut because it's mine to do.  Bless all you dear readers for putting up with the decorating-homemaking-preaching whiplash I'm giving ya'll.  


The Real Me! said...

AMEN to all that! I love my job. Being a homemaker is the most rewarding job on the planet!
Great post.

becca said...

and don't forget... the more future productive citizens you raise, the more you lessen the tax burden for future america. The answer to our bailout problem? Have more kids :) May not help now, but considering there were 10 workers for every one social security recipient when it was first established... and now our birth rate is equal to our death rate... you can see the problem.
We're doing our part... come on everybody... do yours :)
Not being serious... but it is at least good to know that having lots of kids is actually GOOD for the country!

Kristen said...

EXCELLENT post! I couldn't agree with you more!

Cass @ That Old House said...

You are completely right, and GOOD FOR YOU. I always felt extraordinarily lucky to be able to stay at home and raise my kids; in the expensive world that is the New York City area, that's a luxury and I am so grateful for it. (However, we lived with "used" cars, and in a neighborhood most of our friends wouldn't have considered living in, in a house that was a true "fixer upper" when we bought it. Last year we bought our 'dream house' but I don't regret one year spent in the other one, with my kids around me.)

Our daughters ARE good citizens and hard workers, and it was worth every diaper, Crayola wall scribble and Girl Scout meeting. I loved being a SAHM. I'm so glad you are appreciating it all.

Spread the word!
PS I used to have other parents tell me I was "lucky" that I had "good" kids -- as if I'd given birth to paragons of good behavior. Drove me nuts -- it takes thought and planning and plenty of effort to raise "good" kids, and I applaud those who are doing it! Kudos.

Crissie said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you for reminding us of the priceless work we are doing...

Frosty said...

A most excellent post! I guess they can put a price tag on the "work" we do. But they can not put a price on the love we receive in return from our family. Thank you for reminding us to cherish all we have. Even if it does remind me I need to clean the upstairs bathrooms.


Barbie said...

Well said! Thank you so much for the recognition that we so richly deserve. And isn't a little appreciation better that a boatload of money. Remember, money can't buy you happiness. Love reading your site!!!

Vivienne said...

Thank you for writing that. I really needed to hear something like that this morning.

Love your blog.

Pajama Mama said...

you know, it's encouraging just to read that SOMEONE out there thinks were worth some money! thanks for sharing,

The Davidson Den said...

Ah!! Just what I needed to hear today (and LOTS of days). Reminds me of a song by Steven C. Chapman I used to have on my Playlist (can't get his songs anymore on there). It's called "One Heartbeat." Very inspiring...for a mommy, especially a SAHM. It's what homeschooling is all about for me.

Sara said...

Thanks for the reminder. 138K would be great....but not as great as the smile my kiddo gives me everyday....I just think about that each time we argue over him getting into the junk drawer. Oh the joys of toddler hood. :) But worth way more than 138K.

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