I Drive a Garbage Truck

It's 10:45 in the evening and I've spent most of the day in my 12 passenger van running errands without air conditioning in 100 degree weather with 2 toddlers, a cup of ice, and the equivalent of a box of cracker crumbs scattered throughout my car.  (still giving thanks we got the transmission repaired and it now works again)

I couldn't help but think of this:

Just so you know what you're dealing with... this short video clip was inspired by my van.   Zima drink?... I have no clue what that is so if it wrecks homes or leads to Drunken Mothers Syndrome... I do not endorse the product.  

Confession: this is the one area where I am Ugly Disorganizer.  All the vice I could muster up in my character stays confined to my car: Diet drinks, Talk Radio, French Fries, Hamburgers, and for the earth friendly crowd on Earth Day... disposable diapers.

Love me through my recovery friends.  

No, this isn't my car post.... I'm still not ready.  I need more chocolate and it might be good if ya'll emailed me pictures of your scary cars before I do my car post.... just to buoy my spirits.  I think I'll host a "Funky, Frugal, Quirky Car Party" in the near future.  Then you can all link up with your funniest car stories and of course pictures of you climbing in through the passenger side window to open the broken door handle on the drivers side... that kinda thing.  Oh please tell me I'm not alone in this ladies!

Do you have a Funky, Frugal, Quirky Car?


Cottagecheap said...

It usually takes two store bags to get trash out so a passenger can ride int he front. It is just horrid!

My husband drove a car a whole winter with no heat, because we couldn't afford a heater core. The good news is: He lived AND we are now alot better off for that winter of discontent!

I drool over new cars, but reality says "get over it"

Christy said...

I definitely have a funky car! Our van is almost 10 years old, and the lock on the driver's side door doesn't work anymore, so I get to crawl over to the driver's side from the passenger side. The window on the driver's side is stuck, so when I go through the drive-thru I have to open my door to pay and get my food. LOL

We have a daughter with special needs that is in a wheelchair, so we're saving our pennies for a nice BIG handicapped accessible van. (We have 6 children.) We also bought another 3 seat bench for the front where there is normally just a 2 seater bench. We had run out of seats in our van (it normally seats 7) and couldn't afford a new van, so we make do in the meantime. I'm actually fine with it, as long as the A/C works!!!!

Astrid said...

At least my car drives and is paid for! Actually, it's generally pretty clean....although right now it's packed to the gills with garage sale stuff (which hopefully will not be coming home with me!!!!). My car sometimes gets messy but it bugs the you-know-what out of me so I'll take a little bit of time to clean it.

becca said...

Oh that is awesome! I was laughing til they go to the interior... but I've had the spoiled milk explosion, toys rolling around (I've been blessed with the ones from Happy Meals that talk when they move, sometimes scaring the bejeebies outta me), spilled drinks, YOU NAME IT. The only thing he didn't get right is that all that stuff is mixed up with things you plan on keeping. THAT'S what makes cleaning out the car such a big job. If it were all trash, it'd be easy!

becca said...

ok, that was supposed to say I WASN'T laughing til they got to the interior.

The Oxford Family said...

I actually have a good vehicle...I just live out my pig dreams in it! I can't keep it clean to save my life...and I only have 1 child in it! I would be so ashamed to share pics! Soooo, no...you are not alone with the cracker crumbs, crusty dried out fries, and I add dog hair from my 3 beasts...truly foul I am :)

Crissie said...

This post was SOOOOO funny! It inspired me to do a little confessing of my own, and I linked back to your post here:


Thanks for the laugh!


SHURTER'S :) said...

That was too funny... probably because that is MY car! ahhhh! :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Ok, well, I won't show my car but I will tell you that it is 9 years old. We have had three kids and assorted friends, nieces and nephews in it almost constantly. It is a minivan. That should sum it up.

But I will go on. My dog just barfed on the front seat for the 100th time. We left the window open to air things out and it poured rain last night so now it is wet inside.

Someone, please, send help and a new sporty vehicle for me. I'm ready to downsize from my a bus to something I can look cute in buzzing around town. Anyone?

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention the outside of my van. My husband has used it as an all terrain vehicle several times and run into or over tree stumps and posts in parking garages. We never get the dents fixed. Some of them have rusted, and one of our doors has a hard time opening. We were frugal even nine years ago and didn't buy they automatic doors, thank goodness, because they would have been broken anyway once we got our hands on them.

Sarah Mae said...

You are pushing me beyond my comfort level...better have the party quick before I change my mind!

Julz said...

I almost gaged on my milk with laughter. That is hillarious. I love the part "sorry fellas, this ladies got a man" One time I found a whole piece of pizza under the seat! Like April used to say, the state of my car reflects the state of my mind.

Calm Energy said...

Hysterical! I love your blog! ... I think I'll go clean out a few things from my car... I'm sure I could lighten up the car by 50 pounds if I got rid of all the junk. I know it costs me extra to drive everywhere with it :) Thanks for the laughs this afternoon ~Maria

Calm Energy said...

I'm hanging on to my ole '98 for as long as possible! We're waiting for the "invention of the millennium" to appear!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh here I was blaming my own family for the current state of my van. I wish these creeps would stay out of my garage LOL.

Okay true story *cringe* Two days after returning from our family vacation, we noticed a very odd smell in our car. We searched high and low looking for the source of the smell. Day 3 the smell got worse. Like the smell of very stinky feet. Naturally I searched my van for my daughter's sneakers but no luck. Day 4 the van now smells like vinegar. Horrible, HORRIBLE rotten vinegar. Ohmigosh..roll down the windows for heaven's sake.
Day 5, I rip out the back seat of my van to find ... unpasteurized apple cider *gag* which was turning itself into apple cider vinegar. *gag gag gag*. Somebody had packed unpasteurized apple cider fresh from an orchard in N.C. cough...cough...cough.

It took MONTHS before I could get that smell out of my nose ROFL. Welcome to my life. Now don't you feel just a bit better about your van????

Jennifer@3sonsandadaughter said...

Hysterical!! We have a new mini-van and I have threats of horrendous repercussions if anybody leaves anything behind when they exit it.

I do however, have the occasional panic attack where that one freak mid-spring snow storm will occur in the middle of South Texas and we will be stranded in our car with no fries, nuggets, rock hard raisins or dehydrated apple slices (which we reconstitute with melted snow in the sippy cups that we have dumped the fermented juice out of) under the seats to survive on.

For now, I'll enjoy my nice new and clean mini-van and enjoy our 100 degree in April weather.

Amy said...

oh, you shouldn't worry friend. I only have THREE kids and my husband found a rotten egg from EASTER in the trunk of my SUV on Saturday. EWWWW! Now THAT is embarrassing.

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