Eye-Candy: Architectural Salvage of San Diego

Ladies... and perhaps there are a few gentlemen: Feast your eyes on architectural heaven.  This is where all of the good pieces of architecture go when a house dies and turns to dust.  This is where items that are worth remembering are resurrected and live, if your lucky, to grace your home with beauty.
May I introduce you to my old stomping grounds of San Diego-  Specifically, to one of the best stops in the tour: Architectural Salvage of San Diego.  Nester.... this is why you're saving your pennies... just look at all those doors... you're gonna need to buy a few more couches friend, just to accommodate them.
Latches, and Knobs, and pulls.... oh my!  I invented projects just staring at this picture!
No wonder why we invented hidden hinges... they're nothing like they used to be... you should check their site.... better yet, you should plan a road trip.  Blissdom in San Diego anyone?
Kimba, get that can of spray paint ready... there's got to be an old jelly cabinet somewhere waiting for some of these fancy brooches to pin on her front!  Speaking of pins... Kimba's flaunt some creatively fabulous hardware as well!
You've got mail.  Need one... or two... or three of these.  I think 1 for each of my 6 kids would look fabulous lining my entry. I wonder if they'd fit all those socks my kids leave down stairs?  Then I could just take the smelly mail up an launder it. 
Face plates... why did we decide every plat in the house had to match?  I'll take one of each.  If you get a minute... head over to Architectural Salvage of San Diego and gaze at the beauty of salvage wares.  A look here and you'll agree, "They just don't make 'em like they used to."
Which picture is your favorite?
Photo Credits: Achitectural Salvage of San Diego


Chari said...

Hello my friend...

Ohhh my...talk about a place that would make my heart flutter!!! Your Architectural Salvage of San Diego looks like my kind of place! Ohhh, I could literally spend hours just looking around in a place like this!!! Was just wondering if their prices are pretty good? Hmmm...you asked what photo I like best...I narrowed it down to two...hehe! First of all...all those beautiful old glass doorknobs...ahhhh!!! And that pretty amethyst colored one...love it!!! Secondly, the mail boxes!!! I was looking at all of the fabulous ornate detailing on them...they're gorgeous!!! I'd have to find some things to do with those!!! Have fun shopping, my friend! Hope you find some great treasures!!!

Warmest wishes,

aura said...

Oh my god...I'm in heaven. Can you please go there and mail me some things?! Is it open to the public? The door and mailbox picture almost gave me a heart attack. I would use those mailboxes everywhere in the house.

Jody said...

ooooooh, the door picture, by far.

so when are we going? :o)

Lorrie said...

That's it!!!! I love the doors. I was planning on just Legoland and Sea World...but now I've got to budget in some of these doors. I've been dying...I MEAN dying to make an outdoor table out of a salvage door on my patio.

Let's see...maybe we can eat beans the rest of the month.

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Oh my goodness, they are ALL so cool! I love the mailboxes too, what a fabulous idea for your foyer.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

We have a couple of places like that in Portland and I LOVE looking through them!!


Jenna said...

Wow! I had never known what to call that kind of store. I found a store less than 5" away from my son's soccer practice field. I can't wait to go & visit. San Diego is a little too far away!

Magic Brush said...

I will posting be posting in the next week about a home I was in today and the lady is completely Vintage style. She had one of those "mail" metal boxes on her front door and planted pansies in it! Adorable!

Mrs. Jones said...

I used to work within walking distance of that store. I just love it.


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