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You guessed it, I'm out of town.  While I'm driving with 6 kids and a hubby and trying to make sure we don't lose a shoe at every potty stop along the way when the van door opens, I thought you would enjoy a few older posts.

Feel free to explore but if you're on the lazy side today I've pulled a few homemaking and decorating posts with ideas and pictures that will inspire.

Have a great Monday and don't forget to check out this post for advertising packages with Pretty Organized Palace.  The remaining ads will be posted this week!  Thanks to all the readers/businesses that have chosen to be a part of this quickly growing palace.  Proceeds are going toward paying off the adoptions of our 2 girls!

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niartist said...

Beautiful blog ... sorry I caught you while you're away. Hope the trip went well, looking forward to new posts.

Amanda said...

love love love the kitchen makeover-I can sooo totally relate-I just finished mine this weekend. I hope to post the after pics soon- I have posted some before ones if your interested. I cant beieve you did it with 6 kids!! I have 3 and I thought I was going to lose my mind trying to get this done. Great JOB!!!!

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