Spray Painted Couch

Kimba dear, this one's for you!  The couch in the picture above (hgtv.com)has been spray painted... for REAL.  This is not an April Fools joke like yesterdays post... sorry friends.  I'm quite content juggling my busy six pack and still there are nights when I feel like I've had one too many.  

Let me clarify the truths of Yesterday's post:
  1. The 12 year old and 10 year old want to adopt again.  The 10 year old has even mentioned he'd like to adopt a family of brothers and sisters (big hearted boy).
  2. Love abounds in this home.
  3. I'm willing... Husband has nervous twitches over the thought of more children.
  4. I LOVE MY 12 PASSENGER VAN!  It's my dream car... has been since I left college and had to give up driving the family "Landmark" conversion van... good times.
  5. I buy 7 gallons of milk a week.
Back to the crazy notion of spray painting a couch.  First off... you have to have a couch as ugly as these to be moved to do something as irrational as whip out the spray paint when your hubby goes on his next fishing trip.  You can click here to find out which of these couches won the ugliest couch contest... the report was by DIY Maven.

So if you have a couch that looks like this... and rover hasn't ripped a hole the size of Rhode Island in the cushion... you have a candidate.  Provided it doesn't smell. Then again, maybe that handy spray paint will cover the odor... or at least emit a different one.

How to?  I'm not even gunna try.  Here's a link to the spray paint you can get from FabricSprayPaint.com   They do offer a Demo Video if ya'll are feeling like Curious Georges. Keep in mind that the paint is a special fabric spray paint... not the Wal-Mart Rustoleum that you're used to.  The paint keeps the fabric soft and has been promoted as being great for your car interior...  now there's something I might consider.  Someday I'll have to post about my van... the miracle as I call it...  My Kids call it Clifford because it's BIG and RED.

Me, I haven't quite graduated to spray painting my fabric... YET.  I have thought about re-staining my silly putty colored leather couches to something a little darker and less silly looking.  I just don't want my guests to come over and get my botched stain job on their butts.  

How desperate are you to make-over your couch?


Mom in High Heels said...

I knew yesterday's post was a joke. Knew it.
Fabric spray paint? That's um, interesting? I don't know how I feel about it. It's interesting, but I've got to let it rattle around in my head for a while.

the Strong's said...

My sister-in-law Rachelle restained their leather couch & no stain on the bum. They love it! I would like to see "Clifford". When ever I mention something about you to my husband I have to refer to the fact that your the friend with the red entry way, from the house in Utah.)

Magic Brush said...

I actually tried to spray paint a couch at the end of my bed. I used regular spray paint... not for fabric. No one wanted to touch it... it was horribly hard!!!! Not so nice on the tush! Oh well...next time I will check out the fabric spray paint!

becca said...

I knew yesterday's was a joke too. From the very first sentence.
I suppose if I had a beautifully shaped, well-made couch that was light in color, I might try it. Otherwise, I think it'd be cheaper to buy another couch. That stuff only covers "about 12 sq ft" so probably more like 10 in actual practice... and it takes 2 coats! That's a lot of cans!
Love it for t shirt projects with kids though.

Lorrie said...

I knew by your witty postings that it was probably a joke but wasn't sure. I got sucked in! You got me good! I'm not mad at ya! But I'd be watching my back come next year....my devilish little ones didn't get they're silliness from nowhere...Blessings

springrose said...

I think that is so funny about your van! We have a 12 passenger van as well and it to is red!! We call it BIG RED, because I just couldn't live with Clifford!! That is what the kids wanted as firt choice, 2nd was Big Red. It is awesome when we come out of church or the store because I can always find it easily! Unless I drive my Hubbys car then I forget and think someone stole big red, oh very sad day!!

Andrea said...

Now, an alternative to slipcovers! I'll keep it in mind for all the hand me down, mismatched furniture I have around the house. If I actually do it, I'll send you some pictures! Thanks for the idea.

Cass @ That Old House said...

I wonder if the fabric spray paint is usable on wall to wall carpeting? Hmmm...

I once saw Trading Spaces spray paint a couch with REGULAR spray paint ... how awful must that have been. Right up there with the time they glued hay on some poor victim's living room walls.


Renata said...

I would love to do anything to our couch - it is just horrible. Spray painting.... hadn't thought of that before!

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