Colors Perfectly Placed

Have you ever wondered how those super decorators make their rooms looked balanced and blended?  Well, they know a trick: The Triangle Trick.  See that dreamy picture above?  Can you spot the triangles?  The blues are laid out in a triangle and so are the whites.  If you look closely, there are more... I just didn't highlight them.  
They say opposites attract. I guess they're right because I noticed today that a cute angle is complementary to one that is obtuse. Hee hee... Math Humor!!

Let's play the triangle game.  Using color as a theme, can you spot the triangles in the next room?   
This decorator arranged the florals in a triangle, the greens in a triangle, and you'll notice the lamps are in a triangle and so are the pillows.  Just connect the same colored triangles....
Q. What triangle comes from a socialist country?
A. An equilateral one.
 Killing myself... because I still get it!

Again, here the golds are arranged in a Triangle and so is the greenery.   That big black coat on the wall acts as the tip of the triangle to the table top... which I think counts as 2 points because it's so wide.
Q. What dances did the twin isosceles triangles excel at?
A. The rhombus, of course.
  Okay, that one made my brain flex.
How many other layers of triangles can you spot in this room?
Yep, more triangles.  See how the decorator used white objects in a triangular shape (there are more than one) and there are several black triangular patterns as well.
What did the hypotenuse say to the other sides? Nice legs! These are the kind of jokes you hear when you marry a geek.... and thank you, I do have me some good look'n legs!

What else am I  missing?
All photo credits: House Beautiful

Don't forget tomorrow:  Dare to Dream Homemaking Series.... and I have to special guest sisters to help me out!



What did the little acorn say when he grew up?

Your post gave me a smile on this Monday morning when the news is all about the threatening weather here in Missouri. In addition, it was most informative. I knew that those pictures were pleasing but I was not aware of the Triangle Rule. Thank you for sharing with all of us.


Magic Brush said...

I gotta have more coffee and then look at this again. You know I'm a math girl at heart....I want to study those pictures. I had NO IDEA! I've been a triangle dork!

Vivienne said...

Oh no no no! Unless you're installing molding, I am a firm believer that math should just keep its nose outta my pretty rooms!

(Of course, this triangle decorating thing does make sense. Definitely a rule for me for flower arranging...)

Amy said...

Huh! Well, I'll be -- all those triangles truly do help me understand color placement in rooms! What a neat lesson in color and arrangement!

You're genius. TRUE genius!

And, just for fun...

Q. What dances did the twins isoceles triangle excel at?

A. The rhombus, of course!

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