Panoramic Sugar Eggs How To:

When I was young these were scattered around the house at Easter time.  (Yes, I was born in 1975... this was all the craze at Christian Women's groups throughout the US). I always loved Easter because my mother brought out her panoramic sugar eggs that she made... year after year.   Over time the sugar has yellowed but the memories are as fresh as springtime.
Each egg was a creation... a wonderland of Spring scenes.  Bunny's grazing on coconut grass, frosting flowers and glitter would entertain me for hours.  HOURS!  I remember looking through the different eggs and imagining myself right smack dab in the middle of Bunny Town.  For a child, this display is akin to snow globes and miniature villages at Christmas-time.
I thought you might enjoy a tutorial on making these creations.  My favorite eggs are white and have glitter mixed or sprayed on the outside of the egg.  I like the more subtle frosting colors and ribbon from the first picture.  If you're lazy, you can order them from www.SugarEggs.com  

If you're industrious, check out this tutorial from about.com and have at it.  I was going to do the play by play but decided not to reinvent the wheel... this step by step is pretty comprehensive.  I found my egg molds at the dollar store... but they're the size of ostrich eggs and may just take a whole 5lb. bag of sugar and a truck load of glitter to put together.  They're great gifts to give away in Easter baskets... and they're cheap!

Happy Easter!

What are you putting in your Easter baskets?

Photo Credits:  1st- Flicker,2&3- SugarEggs.com


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Neat!!! :) My Dad used to do Christmas ornaments like that, but with real goose eggs! I go a little crazy at Easter b/c my girls' birthdays are so close to Christmas...this is pretty much *it* until Christmas. :) They'll each get a new book and some small toys, some candy for the 3 year old, and maybe some art stuff??? I just want some peanut butter eggs before we go to church!! :)

rosecottagegardens and farm said...

I haven't thought about these for a long time...every year I used to buy one or two of these from a dear neighbor lady. She made the panorama eggs from scratch and had different sizes. I have them packed away in the attic...somewhere...

Even though out "kids" are adults, we still do easter baskets. This year, there will be little herb pots and seed packets for their own gardens, other little gardening things, a few chocolate bunnies and, of course, Peeps and Cadbury Eggs--their favorite. Believe it or not, each year I keep saying, "do you really need an Easter basket this year?" but the objections are so loud! It is still a lot of fun!!

Sarah said...

Oh wow, I remember these! Seeing the photos brought back a rush of memories. What fun!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

these are beautiful!
This year all my kids are getting outdoor stuff - sidewalk chalk, sunglasses, etc!

Julz said...
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mishebe said...

Very pretty ! Mishelle

Jenna said...

Oh! I remember these. I think that my grandmother made these.

For Easter the kids get an empty basket on Easter morning & have to hunt for the eggs. Filled with... whatever candy I don't eat before then. I cheated & bought pre-stuffed eggs this year. Our church Easter-egg hunt is Saturday night from 6:30-9:00... crazy???! ... so I think that I need to save all the time that I can.

Kira said...

Growing up in a house without sugar my poor Mom made the mistake of making those at RS. She brought them home and I remember year after year things would get broken off them. I even remember one year taking a good lick on it...pathetic.

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