Pretty Organizers for Sale and a Giveaway

Remember my idea for H.O.P.E?  The Homemakers Own Private Economy?  Well, this is your chance to participate in it.   (I need to pay cash for my kitchen cabinet hardware and am saving desperately for a laundry room that will fit 8 people's laundry instead of 8 pieces of laundry.) I'm giving away the Pretty Organizer above with that fancy shmancy red fringe to one of my lucky readers on Monday... just leave me a comment and let me know how you cannot live without her... and I'll be your best friend if you buy one of my hat boxes.

Shameless Pitch:
I sell useful, pretty hat boxes to organize your unsightly stuff in... so no one will know why it only takes you 2 minutes to clean before guests arrive .  I declined the offer to be the hat box supplier for a posh hat store in Santa Monica (truth) because... I'm a mom first and only crank these babies out when I need cash.  I don't want to work full time.  I work for home decor urges and chocolate.
First Come First Serve today... they're one of a kind.

This one's my favorite by far:
I call her my LOVE box.  She's 14 inches in diameter and about 8 inches high... my largest size... and she's gorgeous in person.

$28.00  - includes shipping!

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... I've sold a good amount of boxes in the last year.  They're all painted by moi and no two are alike.  They're works of art... only they cost less and you can use them to hide everything from toilet paper to eyebrow shapers.   And if I sell enough of them I may just get to fix that cracked oven top that broke when I melted the cutting board on a burner while I was taking kids trick-or-treating... hey, I still have the house- whew!

This is her little sis and together when they're stacked they steal the show in any room!  This baby is 12 inches in diameter and about 7" high.  The box is black with red ornate leaf printing and the white Fleur de lis. Very dramatic in person.

$24.00  Includes shipping!

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This is another from the Shabby set but it's pink.  She's featured in my etsy store but today, the shipping is included and less than in the shop! 14" Diameter 8" high.  I've been eyeing this one for my daughters room... we have a few too many naked Barbies laying around... those indecent girls need a place to stay while I hunt for the missing clothing... but for now they reside in an ugly plastic drawer in the closet so I can offer miss Pink Shabby Chic to you!

$28.00  includes shipping!

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Calling all Toile-aholics!  This box is a beautiful addition for any toile-nuts space... It measures 6x9 inches and about 4" high.  Maybe you can pack this with some pretties for your mom!  Again, it will likely arrive in a Payless Shoe box... but I'll wrap the box in pretty paper!

$16.00  Includes shipping!

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Now, I'm almost finished.   Do you see those ads to the right?  They are fellow H.O.P.E. participants-  Good gals who are working to bring in a little extra cash to cushion the fall in their home finances.  Do you have a business, blog, or website that you want to promote?  You can purchase ad space at the Pretty Organized Palace.  This blog is growing quickly in its short 5 months and offers the best pricing for ads in blogland.  To buy ad space... click here!

Next week will be great.  I'll be posting on meaningful decorating.  

What colors of Pretty Organizers would you use in your house?


Astrid said...

Those hat boxes are lovely! (was there a price listed on them?) I'm not sure which one is my favorite. I like the Shabby Chic styled ones the best.

Kari said...

They are all really beautiful. I will definitely keep them in mind for when I'm looking for gifts. You're very talented. Thanks.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Your boxes are very nice. I especially like the toile! They would make wonderful gifts for someone or even yourself!


Sara said...

Very Pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love the black & white box - it would be perfect with the black & white toile in my room.

I'll definitely bookmark your site for future purchases.


Dawn said...

Your hat boxes are beautiful! You are very talented! I especially love the brown and blue one, it would be perfect in my bedroom!

Oh, by the way, I don't think that I can live without that organizer giveaway!

Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

ilovemy5kids said...

Those are gorgeous! You out did yourself! I'll be back to look again very soon! :-)

Blessings to you!

Christy said...

Ooooh, I definitely can't live without her! *squeal* She's perfect! My house is black/cream and red!!!!!

Brittney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brittney said...

I heart toile - Love that one! I could always use something pretty for my unpretty things lying around on the counters. The giveaway fringe box is just as adorable!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

You really are a very talented lady! AND you're a crack up too! I am impressed with your tenaciousness. You must be the fastest growing blog around. SERIOUSLY!

Hope you'll participate in my first solo Mr. Linky party - Frugal Friday next week. I'm a little nervous not to have you on board advertising for me...tweeting, twittering, whatever else you do! Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

They are all so beautiful! The giveaway one would match my bedroom perfectly! I am also drooling over the toile...

Amy said...

How pretty!

I can't decide which one I like best. I am a toile-nut, but I also like the blue/brown....which is the direction I want to go in when I re-do my bedroom!

Decisions, decisions!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I hope I wind. Do we get to pick the color? The pretty blue and brown would be perfect in my guest room. It's not big enough for a dresser, so the box can hold stuff for that room.

the pleasures of homemaking said...

They are all very pretty and it's so much nicer to stash your stuff in something that's useful AND pretty!


Katie said...

Love it and can't live without it. It's PERFECT!

Kira said...

I need to tell you that the Easter Bunny hid the "good" chocolate eggs in my "pretty organizer hatboxes". What a "bummer" the kids (nor husband) thought to look there. I have a stash for a month!

Sarah said...

How pretty! What a wonderful place to hide unsightly crap! Or a nice place to hide funds away to save for my own Swedish Mora grandfather clock.
I love your organizers, the toile box and the blue and brown shabby one! Lovely!!
I'm a mom of 2 under 4 now so I am an expert on unsightly crap. We also have a puppy.
I nominate myself for your lovely fringed box because I don't have many frilly, girly things in my house because my husband thinks it makes the house look like a brothel. (rolling eyes here)
Please support me in my endeavor to stick it to the man...well, my husband anyway.
Pick me! Pick me!

Bill and Maggie said...

Wow you paint these? They really are pretty. I LOVE them all. Your giveaway is just gorgeous! I would love to have her. Honest to goodness truth she would probably end up a) hiding my toilet paper OR b) being a storage ground for all the random stuff that ends up on my breakfast bar when I need to clean it up fast...
Nothing glamorous, but wouldn't she look GREAT doing it? She'd glam everything up by being there I think.

Helen said...

Your hat boxes are adorable.

J.J. said...

ooooh! I cannot love with our such beauty in my home!!! :)

I love you hat boxes!!!

sassypinkmonogram said...

I just ran across your blog and wanted to let you know about mine...its fairly new! www.sassypinkmonogram.blogspot.com

Susan@The Cozy Chickadee said...

I love the blue one so much! you are talented, girl!
I might try to do some of my own, thanks for the inspiration!

Laura said...

Beautiful boxes!

For color suggestions: I love anything in sage green and cream. :)

Bergdolt News said...

I just LOVE the pink and brown one! Your work is so beautiful and it must be so much fun to use your creative juices! Thanks for sharing your 12 tips on bringing happiness to the home. I'm definitely going to start reading more on them! LOVE YOUR WORK!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I know this is an older post, but when I saw the hat box in a picture I clicked and it brought me to this post. I absolutely love them! I am going to have to keep my eye out for your stuff - I would love to get some for my home office organizing and I know my Mom and sister would love them as gifts.

You are a talented woman!

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