Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is right around the corner. These fabulously frugal Mother's Day ideas are fun to do yourself and easy enough to do with the kiddos. I'll take an entire 6 pack of candles please dear... one for each mug of my little bugs.

Make a custom candle for her.
  • Buy a cheap Wal-Mart candle.
  • Print your picture on paper... thinner the better.
  • Wrap the picture around a candle and use straight pins to tack it in place.
  • With heat gun, embossing gun or a blow dryer melt the wax until it seeps through the paper and gives the paper a translucent finish... blow some glitter on to jazz it up while the wax is hot if your madre likes things jazzed up.
  • Attach bow or rhinestones or a tag and tell her how much you LOVE her.
Melt some wax in a fancy cup.
Here's your excuse to rotate out some of those never used wedding presents from 14 years ago... oops, caught me! If you're classy and afraid of accidentally giving your mother a gift she gave to you years ago you can go to GoodWill or start yard sale hopping.
  • Find a pretty container... and if you don't have one... spray paint one till you do!
  • Melt your choice of wax and fragrance (available at JoAnn's, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby)
  • Don't forget the wick!
  • Attach a tag or card or ribbon to show her you're the favorite daughter.
Love these tea cup candles. Such a great use of odd china. Follow the same instructions as above.

Package your lovely candles in a basket with a fuzzy towel (you can even sew ribbon on the end to fancy it up), soap and a CD with your favorite relaxing songs... and of course, don't forget the chocolate!

For more Mothers Day ideas check out the Pretty Organized Ads on my sidebar!  

What are you giving your Mother for Mothers Day?

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debi @ life in my studio said...

What fun, wonderful ideas! tfs

Astrid said...

Sweet ideas!

I think I'll get my mom a Pysanky egg decorating kit. :)

My family gives me flowers for my window boxes. I get to pick them out!

Myrnie said...

Such beautiful ideas! Any danger of the paper catching fire on those wrapped candles??

Jody said...

Hey stranger! Hope you had a good vacation...we'll catch up later.

Love your post, esspcially the tea cup ones. Such a cute idea. And LOVED your pretty political post, but you already know that! Keep it up, sister.

Momof3 said...

so pretty and so easy. love the teacups!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I have made candles from old burnt candles that were on their last legs, but still had a bit of wax left. I purchased wicks, melted the wax and made new candles in cups, bowls and jars.

I lost my home in a fire a few years ago, so I am very afraid to let candles burn low. I follow the rule, never leave a burning candle. The avoid any candle with combustible material around the pillar.

Jen@balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

I burn them...all the time...all day long. :)
And you got off easy yesterday...did you see Rhoda's post? :)

-Julie said...

Oooh! I love that idea! I may just be making those for Mom this year!

Sarah Jessica Farber said...

Better late than never, I just made two of these fancy candles for my mom! I had bought two coconut oil candles from Big Lots for her for Christmas, but then when Christmas came, I couldn't find them! I rediscovered them when I moved and saved this post for mother's day. I printed out some victorian motifs (free clip art for the win!) and just used regular paper, as that is all I had on hand. But a few minutes with the glue gun and the candles look amazing! I'll try to email you a picture tomorrow when I get some sunlight. Thanks for a great idea, I'm sure my mom will love these!


Love, love, love your ideas and links!! Most of these little gifts can be modified for the holidays too with the substitution of red and green for the ribbons and other trimmings.

Thanks for sharing!

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