Pretty Organizer's Palace Boutique...Open for Business

Pretty Organized Palace has grown like my Bermuda grass in the middle of the Arizona Monsoon season and is continuing to spread far and wide. Who knew I could make so many friends and that a mom with 6 kids who refuses to sort laundry by color, makes her kids clean by zones, and publishes chore charts fit for Wal-Mart corporate would find a voice in the blogging world. The Palace will be undergoing remodeling little by little for the next few months... and I want you to be a part of it!

Would you like to advertise on PrettyOrganizedPalace?
  • Do you have a product Moms would love?
  • Are you looking to get the word out about your talent or craft?
  • Do you make items that make homemaking easier?
  • Are you itching for more traffic to your Etsy store or website?
  • Do you make chocolate truffles? or Canvas duffel's? or anything with ruffles?
Pretty Organized Palace readers are:
  • Women who enjoy home decorating and chocolate
  • Homemakers looking for new ideas
  • Stay at Home Moms who can do it all... or dream about doing it all
  • Online shoppers
  • Do It Yourself'ers
  • Classy dressers and jewelry lovers
  • Women who enjoy a good laugh and a can of spray paint
  • and Toile-aholics

I will be offering ad space for a very discounted price!

Royal Treatment:
For only $15 per month or $25 for 2 months, you can place your 125x125 size ad button here on PrettyOrganizedPalace. This button will be linked to your online store, website or blog and located at the top of my blog (and rotated for top billing until the blog design changes).

Palace Boutique:
For $10 I will add your 180x48 size button (length x height) in my online Palace Boutique section for 15 days.

You can purchase your ad space today by clicking on the PayPal "Buy Now" button below! Follow up with an email and we'll work out posting dates and button codes.

Choose Ad Package

Pretty Review:
If you would like your product, site or business promoted and reviewed in a post please contact me via email for current pricing. I offer reviews on products and services that are relevant to my readers. Just email me at PrettyOrganized at Gmail DOT com.

Okay, shameless plug is over. Let's create a H.O.P.E.- Homemakers Own Private Economy! Lets support each other, buy from each other, barter with each other and get through this slow down together... with enough McDonald's money and chocolate supplies to keep us sane!

Love to all you dear readers. I'm looking forward to another fabulous 5 months!
Pretty Organizer


Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

oh my friend - good for you!!
We need to think outside the box. :)

The Oxford Family said...

Man do I miss the AZ monsoons!!! Here in Texas it just rains...all the time :)

Thank you so much for doing this! I just paid for the 30 day one and would love my etsy button added! I am not sure how that part goes though?


Thanks Scotti

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I don't have anything to sell, but I wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog, admire you for having six kids and being so together!, and I can't wait to see what the *new* blog looks like. :)

Mel said...

I am so excited for tomorrow! I am planning on painting a harlequin design on my bathroom ceiling and looking for great pointers.

Lorrie said...

I'm not a toile-holic but everytime I see some toile you get a prayer for me. There I am in Target yesterday and see some on a plate...Lord lift up the woman with the witty humor on the blog and give her peace today." So I think your toile is starting to grow on me. Blessings and We're observing Good Thursday!

Lorrie said...

I had a typo...I meant you get a "prayer from me".

The Nester said...

I can make people chuckle or sell belt buckles or well, that's enough-ell.

Pretty Organizer said...

Nester, you and I need to write a childrens book.... Pretty Organized Nest? Nesting Palace?

Maya said...

Great ad offer..., I'll follow up with an email.

Bethany said...

Hi, Pretty Organized Palace.

I tried to send an email to the gmail addy listed above, but it bounced back at me.

Could you send me a current email address please? Mine is Bethany at Orderly Drawer dot com.


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